The Music Agenda, 2008.


Dez 16 2008, 18h18

So, I want to begin this entry by saying that I think I cannot live without my agenda, that's why the last week of December I buy a new one... Anyway, there, I keep track of birthdays, events, deadlines, among others. But I also keep record of the songs that have been meaningful to me, so here it is, 2008 in music month by month.

- El Desierto
- Con Toda Palabra
- Le Vieil Amant
- To The Dancers In The Rain
- Dans la Merco Benz
- C'est si bon

These are pretty much the pieces of 2007, Emilie Simon was my muse back then, I also listened Eartha Kitt and Benjamin Biolay for the first time on 2007. Lhasa was introduced by a friend who was madly in love with her music, at first I thought it was boring... how wrong was I??!!.

- Phoning
- Regarder la lumière
- Vu D'Ici
- This Weather
- Teignmouth
- Non, je ne regrette rien
- Something of an End
- Qu'est-ce que ça peut faire
- The Rabbit
- J'y suis jamais allé

Not much to say... I finally got into My Brightest Diamond, who always seemed a little low-key for my taste before, but I finally got out of my confort zone with her - aka: Gone Away. When I heard her second album was coming out I said 'I'll give it another try' and found some great surprises - as it happened with Patrick Wolf. I found Magga Stína thanks to one of my neighbours and her album 'An Album' is actually pretty cool. My obsession with Yann Tiersen began and has remained since then, obviously the easiest listening is the Amélie soundtrack, but after you get pass that you get to actually know his best work, in my opinion. As for Édith Piaf, after watching La môme (aka La Vie En Rose) I couldn't stop listening to Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien, it's such a perfect movie for me.... (good thing there wasn't much to say, huh?)

- Je Veux Te Voir
- La Confession
- Silence
- Mein Herz brennt
- J'En Ai Marre

My french obsession continued and reached pop queens Yelle and Alizée. Je veux te voir, is, in fact, one of the songs that actually made 2008 for me, friends, people I know and some strangers as well. I rediscovered Rammstein, again, and found out how great their music is and how forgotten they were in my library. PJ Harvey's Silence is a strange pick, I think, but it really meant something to me... about letting things go and finishing a whole cycle and beginning a new one. Some sort of catharsis, if that.

- Graines d'étoiles
- J'Te Mentirais
- What's a Girl to Do?
- To Pluto's Moon
- À cause des garçons
- Ex-Girlfriend
- Read My Mind

It's not like I heard No Doubt for the fist time on April, it's just that that song really meant something to me, right now I don't really remember what, but still... As for the rest, it was just so random... My Brightest Diamond had just released a new album, so I was kind of obsessed with that at the time, and 'À cause des garçons' tried to be a 'Je veux te voir' - no way in hell that happens...

- Hope There's Someone
- La vie en rose
- Porque No Vale La Pena
- New Day
- J'arrive à la ville
- Quiero Dormir Cansado
- 20/20
- Incomplete
- Not as We
- Para El Fin Del Mundo O El Año Nuevo

Well Alanis Morissette's new album was just out and I became quite crazy about it... I has missed her, honestly, Incomplete pretty much sums up my 2008 - and my state of being at the moment, like in my life or someting... Emilie Simon's last pieces were still kicking up and well, I discovered Antony's music, Hope There's someone is just heartbreaking... how could I not like it?


- La Terrasse
- Sur le fil
- Comptine d'un autre été: L'après midi
- Moratorium
- La vie en rose
- I'll Read You a Story
- La marée haute

My obsession about Yann Tiersen continued and I started to become curious about instrumental music and that's precisely the reason why Colleen kicked in, actually I heard A LOT of ambient or chillout artists and though I liked them none of them really stuck with me.


- Stay
- Où que tu ailles
- U Never Know
- Winter Sleep
- What Else Is There?
- Emmenez-Moi
- Hurt

This was a month of retrospective, I guess, Hurt, What Else Is There? and U Never Know I'd heard before, but, I suppose I kind of rediscovered them. Emmenez-moi was the follow-up of 'Je veux te voir', in terms of defining "defining moments" on 2008, as for Où que tu ailles by La Grande Sophie, I'm not even sure why I liked it, but I listened to it in french class and it reminds of my teacher and my classmates at the time, which is pretty refreshing.


- Plus d'hiver
- Chillin'
- Lady (Hear Me Tonight)
- I Want You But I Don't Need You
- Si tu n'étais pas là
- Everyone Alive Wants Answers
- Volver a comenzar
- A Secret Place
- No Mercy for She
- Rainy Days and Mondays
- Only Skin

Okay So I'd just like to comment on Joanna Newsom's Only Skin, it was recommended by a friend of mine in like... January or February and I didn't really like it until August, actually I didn't really like it, I became OBSESSED with it - the whole Y's album, in fact (except for Monkey & Bear which I truly loathe). Since I'm at the university, I'm on vacation on August, so, that explains the fixation with Modjo's music, you know, the dancing, chillin' out and everything...


- Cosmia
- Emily
- Sprout and the Bean
- Bo Mambo
- Oscillations
- Machine Gun
- Katariina
- En Cendres
- Sé Lest
- Du hast
- Amerika
- Engel

All I can say is that this month was pretty full of diversity, linguistically speaking. Joanna was an addiction back then. Truly.


- Sawdust & Diamonds
- Lobo Hombre En París
- Mujer Amante
- L'amor Nunca Muere
- Why Does It Always Rain on Me?
- Bad Things
- Cristobal
- Santa María da Feira
- Carmensita

After years and years of listening to Devendra Banhart and not liking his music at all I could finally enjoy his melodies, they are REALLY good - I'm not at all disappointed. As for Jace Everett's Bad Things I just can say that I truly loved True Blood season one!


- Amor Eterno
- Péché d'envie
- J'traîne des pieds
- Les Jours tristes
- Nantes
- Postcards From Italy
- Brandenburg
- A Sunday Smile

Just to clarify: I like Yann Tiersen's Les Jours Tristes but with lyrics... you know the ORIGINAL version, not the Amélie's one - It is truly astonishing. Anyway, I've madly in love with Beirut's music for the last month or so... I just can't stop listening to him, it's unbelievable that such beautiful music comes from something without a guitar - which is actually a relief for me.


- Paris Is Burning
- I've Seen It All
- Lo Siento
- Hymne À L'amour

Okay, so I finally finished this thing! Believe me, it was a lot of work and laziness to overcome! - I guess this is what people do when they're on vacation.


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