Guess the lyric game.


Mai 29 2006, 15h40

I think I'll try this, see if I get any responses. Guess the lyrics. They're all first lines.

Edit: 8 left. Keep guessing.

01. And now I wait my whole lifetime for you, and now I wait my whole lifetime for you
Metallica - The Outlaw Torn

02. Don't remember where I was, I realized life was a game
Megadeth - A Tout le Monde

03. Bandages on my legs and my arms from you... Bandages!
Hot Hot Heat - Bandages

04. All across the town, all across the night, everybody's driving with full headlights
The Clash - London's Burning

05. Vital signs are slow and steady, so attentive still not ready...

06. Walking through the crossfire heart, feeling heavy and hopeless

07. Well, we started shooting hoops, now we're sipping black and tans, from the park to the pub was the course we ran

08. Here they stand, brothers them all, all the sons, divided they'd fall
Iron Maiden - Seventh Son of a Seventh Son

09. There's a flame that leads our souls astray, no one's safe from its tender touch of pain
HIM - Soul on Fire

10. Another misspelled rhyme written in the book of time, In one page I've spent all my life
Sonata Arctica - Unopened

11. Walkin' in the park just the other day, baby, what do you, what do you think I saw?
Led Zeppelin - Misty Mountain Hop

12. Watching the time go and feeling belief grow, rise above the obstacles
Ozzy Osbourne - Believer

13. Momma loves her baby, and Daddy loves you too, and the sea may look warm to you babe, and the sky may look blue
Pink Floyd - The Thin Ice

14. I was born to do the show, you were born to give me blow, blow and hash is all i need, satisfaction guaranteed

15. Lines and the light stream, screaming by me scream, burned down, not me you see me suffer
Static-X - This Is Not

16. I'm selling heavenly sketches, a world out of my mind
In Flames - My Sweet Shadow

17. 68' into the world born, and the seventies, a breath after the war
Pantera - Revolution Is My Name

18. Maxwell can't tell he's in hell, he just wants you to visit him there
Rancid - Maxwell Murder

19. I saw your face, elegant and tired, cut up from the chase, still I so admired
RHCP - Universally Speaking

20. Well, I am not making haste or could it be haste is making me, what's time but a thing to kill or keep or buy or lose or live in
Bad Religion - Supersonic

artists for matching:

Daniel Lioneye
Dropkick Murphys


  • Gilaventi

    3. Hot Hot Heat - Bandages

    Mai 29 2006, 15h51
  • A1WEND1L

    haha that is the only one I knew too.

    Mai 29 2006, 15h58
  • chrisjohn

    4. The Clash - London's Burning

    Mai 29 2006, 16h01
  • Hevii

    02. Megadeth - Peace Sells 13. Pink Floyd - Goodbye blue sky?! (not sure) I can't find the Iron Maiden song :|

    Mai 29 2006, 16h07
  • ClandestineBats

    3. hot hot heat - bandages. i am late, but it was the only one i knew and i wanted to get one :(

    Mai 29 2006, 16h09
  • AR333

    8. Iron Maiden - Seventh Son of a Seventh Son

    Mai 29 2006, 16h12
  • Hevii

    I was so pissed off, because I didnät knew that :D

    Mai 29 2006, 16h14
  • FatBass

    2 - Megadeth - A Tout Le Monde 8 - Iron Maiden - Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son

    Mai 29 2006, 16h23
  • Humppasonni

    2. Megadeth - A Tout Le Monde 16. In Flames - My Sweet Shadow 17. Pantera - Revolution Is My Name 19. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Universally Speaking

    Mai 29 2006, 16h24
  • pirate_gina

    13. The Thin Ice- Pink FLoyd

    Mai 29 2006, 16h27
  • Humppasonni

    I think that number 12 is Ozzy Osbourne - Believer but im not sure :/

    Mai 29 2006, 16h45
  • Mollosilma

    10. Sonata Arctica - Unopened

    Mai 29 2006, 16h51
  • Sykotic_X

    Wow, I just Googled a few. Disappointed I didn't recognize #1...

    Mai 30 2006, 12h33
  • sercinyo

    1-Metallica-The Outlaw Torn 2-Megadeth-A Tout Le Monde 17-Pantera-Revolution Is My Name

    Mai 30 2006, 15h46
  • Dylan1077

    20. Bad Religion - Supersonic 11. Led Zeppelin - Misty Mountain Hop

    Jun 6 2006, 14h13
  • GrottansBarn

    15. static x - this is not

    Jun 9 2006, 9h46
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