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Jan 15 2012, 22h06

Colin Stetson on Optimistic Underground

Colin Stetson

New History Warfare Vol. 2: Judges
Those Who Didn't Run

So it's been almost a year since his album came out and half that since Those Who Didn't Run 10" but the point remains that a shit-ton of you have yet to give this guy a chance and realize that he does things with one saxophone at a time that full bands can't come close to achieving, even with all the overdubbing in the world.

check it out, read and hear why this man has created one of the most important albums of the last several years

then learn about how he does it

for fans of


Matana Roberts

Bon Iver


Steve Reich

John Coltrane

and pretty much anyone interested in hearing something new


  • oaquard

    Dave is right y'all.

    Jan 16 2012, 2h31
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