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  • chrisface


    março 2011
  • sejamarginal

    ooh our compatibility is SUPAH sal

    abril 2010
  • leirza

    i hope someone buys you a creampuff baby for your edible one

    outubro 2008
  • leirza

    i cant believe you deleted kelly clarkson from your library after i totally busted you for having it. grow some balls dude. JAPAN HERE WE COME!!!

    setembro 2008
  • leirza

    BEDBUGS!!!!!!! nasty ass hooker.

    setembro 2008
  • cullenco

    YO! you guys made it back to Brooklyn safely, I take it. Bitchin show once again, my friend. You may be entertained by hearing that earlier today the cops and our landlord were investigating the house across the street that you caught the heckling from - perhaps they caught a whiff of some asshole and are locking those suckers up.

    setembro 2007

    Welcome aboard, ontherok! Happy listening.

    dezembro 2006