Textbeak "Transmitr" on Netwaves Radio out of Belgium


Jan 4 2009, 14h01

The Textbeak track "Transmitr" from "Repeat repeat delete" was featured on the September 8th Netwaves radio show out of Belgium. The live broadcast was hosted by Radio Scorpio, the first independent radio in Belgium.
The program was compiled by netlabelism, Jan, Toon, Jasper, Cap & embe.

(click below for link to archive)

[nws074] Netwaves 2.37: the summer of 2008 (September 8, 2008)



01.Transmitr - Textbeak
02.Gayanesh - 100 Aspects of Howie Dunn feat. That Crooner from Nowhere
03.Bruxism - Ebola
04.Portland 2CB - Ebola
05.Big Bad - Automatic Tasty
06.You're A Computer - TSS Tortue Super Sonic
07.Dullness - wshgaukd
08.Sad - Experience. Hold.
09.Bigger Veins - Senza Valore
10.Wake up & wash your face in tap air - Cherly KaCherly
11.Tattoo - Tiny Creatures Remix
12.Miniatura Saxónica - b (fachada)
13.Szerelmes Nóta - Soutien Gorge
14.unchoral - Aspera
15.Vortex Diva - Automassage


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