a touch of the genius acoustic actually several kinds of brilliant american and i hate that my feet are dancing so much as close as i come to dancing beautiful can listen to over and over catchy chanson francaise chicago house chillax classic rock club house dance around the living room in your underwear dance around your bedroom dance motherfucker dark definitely not emo depressingly uplifting drinking music eclectic electrojazz electronica electrosexual energetic erotic euphoric explosions in the sky faerie music fan fucking tastic female female rock female singers female vocalists fuck yeah funky girl rock good songs for a bad day good stuff good while high great lyricists great lyrics great music made by a drunk great voice groovy jazzy goodness guilty pleasures house i fucking love this i like it i like to air drum when i think no one can see me indie rock intense interesting jazztastic jazzy beats just straight up awesome love it makes me happy makes me want to move my feet melancholic melancholy mellow melodius-rock music for superheros naked music old skool rock ooh fucking love it passionate phat bass puts me in a happy mood quirky relaxed not bored rock rock and its hundreds of variations seen live sensual sex for my ears sexy sleepy so catchy it should be outlawed some damn good music songs i would cover if i were in a cover band songs that knock me out souljazz southern rock stoner stoner rock sublime swah-fucking-weet tasty techno techno techno the songs that made you smile and the songs that made you cry this is now toe tapping booty shakin total and absolute fucking brilliance uplifting warm and fuzzy weird shit world music