Leonard 8 444 8 Cohen


Mai 9 2012, 18h59

Now, say what you will, Leonard Cohen is arguably one of the most enduring singer/poets currently making music today. Mention his name and people react much like they do when you discuss Marmite. They love him or hate him; the common argument against is that he's "depressing" personally I've never found his songs depressing, so I'm not sure what that says about me. If anything they cheer me up, I tend to tag him as "depressingly uplifting"

Why am I telling you this? Why because scrobble 84448 is by the man himself, from his latest album, Old Ideas and the song itself was Come Healing. I'm not sure it's a killer track but hey, the guy only needs a few killer tracks and can get away with some filler. Tho Dear Heather seemed, in my opinion, to be more filler than killer


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