a happy sort of sad a sad sort of happy australia awkwardly dancing to you bam shka bam being a girl is awesome being young and doing silly things best song ever bopping to this beat on the train boy girl sing-a-longs by definition a crush would hurt campfire stories cheesecake childhood coffee and cigarettes on a sunny morning comfort cool kids belong together dance off in the garden shed dance party in your living room tonight dancing down the streets dancing in my living room at 3 am drumblr dance party dubai ear plugzzzzzzzzzzzz everything will be okay for boy four years ago funner than your mom future husband good advice good times i like you better than other songs i miss you too much id put you on a road trip mix if daft punk werent playing at my house if i made a film someday this would be on the soundtrack if i was a song id want to be you if molly ringwald had an ipod shed listen to this if there was ever a thing as too much fun youd be it indie pop late at night you think too much listen to this anytime and you will feel okay longing lost at the disco lots of feelings all at once love at first listen love etc mailboxes full of tic tacs maybe the best band ever monday morning blues banisher type song my parents dont dig this but i do my vocabulary nostalgia on my bedroom floor late at night one minute dance party one of the most perfect songs ever paris je taime perfect to fall asleep to pretty excellent remix quiet morning rad summer record store shopping list serenade me with this please shake it like its febuary shouty chorus skins soundtrack so right on songs for my favourite people in the whole world songs to climb mountains to songs to fall in love to sounds like a shiny glitter disco ball springtime stamp your feet and clap your hands story of my life summer super fun dance party swagger like mick jagger ten different types of awesome that beat is bangin the best love song of 2003 the recommendation pile theres no cure this is featuring on a future mixtape this song must be played loud this time last year this will kick you square in the heart time travel tiny earthquakes too cool for school unmade beds when we were in high school why are you so cute will make you feel better so play it on loop world map yelling and guitars and crazy hair you and me and a bag of strawberry licorice you are crazy but i like you lots you make me want to dance youre invited to my birthday party yr so cool