Top 14 Fave Bob Dylan Songs


Dez 10 2006, 8h45

I think 'personal experience' plays a big part in my enjoyment of these- that is, they remind me of a certain time & place in my life. Hence the emphasis on Infidels. And the Basement Tapes.

Time Passes Slowly

Clothsline Saga (Answer To Ode)

Summer Days

I and I

Jet Pilot

Call Letter Blues


Orange Juice Blues (Blues For Breakfast)

Cold Irons Bound

Bonnie Ship the Diamond

Watching the River Flow

Tombstone Blues

Don't Fall Apart on Me Tonight
Highwater (For Charley Patton)Bob Dylan


  • amerpie

    My list of favorite Dylan songs doesn't stay the same for long. The first album I listened to a lot was Freewheelin' adn for a long time I was partial to that. When I started picking up the rest of the 60s canon I had a new favorite on every album. Lately I've been listening to Blood on the Tracks and Modern Times and wondering why I haven't listened more. Last month I listened to his very first album, one I had never enjoyed that much when lo and behold his rendition of those traditional tunes plus his own SOng for Woodie just took my breath away. The man is a singular talent indeed.

    Jul 29 2007, 17h06
  • madamimadam

    one should definitely add Visions of Johanna. No?

    Out 5 2007, 21h00
  • progjunky

    mmm, nice list. infidels is truly a great dylan album. and i'm glad someone gives time passes slowly some love.

    Dez 20 2007, 13h18
  • ice cream

    like amerpie, my favorite dylan songs have always changed over the years. she belongs to me has always be at the top though, mostly because of the 'personal experience' you mentioned. i should listen to the basement tapes... it's been a while.

    Jan 5 2008, 21h10
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