Set 21 2006, 21h42

Who the--is Billie Joe from Green Day their lead singer now?
Who designed their album cover, Hawthorne Heights?
This is like bringing a knife to a gunfight.
We should go to one of their shows and crash it. Every one of you, find a Norma Jean show and crash it.
Jumping on stage, punching the lead singer, stealing the mike CRASH that sucker.
You will be remembered forever always.
You might even get thrown out! ^_^

Norma Jean
The Chariot


  • xamox

    Hahaha, yeah I agree, the new album sucks. I want Josh back. I don't really like the chariot that much. I just wish it was the old line up. The new shit is like bringing a knife to a gunfight. Sad to say they have sold out to the emo crowd. I bought a sweatshirt back when they signed and now am embarassed to wear it. Although I did see them live when they dropped O'God the Aftermath, and will admit it was a good show I still don't think it is as good as their first album. Good call on the Billy Joe, that is fucking hilarious because it really does look like him.

    Set 22 2006, 13h41
  • Marctheshark

    how the fuck is their new album selling out to the emo crowd? and how is that album cover any worse than any other album cover? just because it doesn't have a faded picture and complex patterns like every other hardcore cd? also..last time I saw billy joe, he was wearing makeup, not dirt and coal. I feel sorry for bands having to deal with fans like you who decide to hate them once they see some success or get a new sound.

    Set 22 2006, 20h08
  • oktology

    Change your sound, completely rearrange your members? CHANGE YOUR NAME. Don't give me this you don't like them cos they sold out tripe. I don't like them because they suck. I don't like them because where once Norma Jean was all about Jesus, now it's kinda Jesus-and-water with a healthy serving of sounds-like-everyone-else. I don't like them because where Josh and Brad gave mind-bending stage performances, Douchebag McWeakvoice here just stands there, when he isn't actively avoiding crowd interaction. I don't like them because they have nothing interesting to say anymore and an uninteresting way of saying it.

    Set 23 2006, 0h38
  • mrandmrspoot

    yeah, btmaktc was a very dark and awesome album, they're new stuff is chaotic mallcore.

    Set 23 2006, 0h43
  • mrandmrspoot


    Set 23 2006, 1h49
  • Gvaz

    the new albums sucks. i agree

    Set 23 2006, 15h55
  • xamox

    I say they sold out because they have. Their Bless the Martyr didn't even make the billboard charts. O' God hit #62 on the billboards, and Redeemer has hit #38 on the billboards. Also Adam Dutkiewicz(guitarist of KsE) produced the first album. He also produced tons of other famous metalcore bands (The acacia strain, unearth, from autumn to ashes, all that remains, the agony scene, etc). The new one was produced by Ross Robinson who was the man back in the day. Produced first slipknot album, first 2 korn albums, glassjaw, at the drive in, and tons of others but he has seems to have lost his edge in his older years.

    Set 23 2006, 16h11
  • CovinS

    lol, though i disagree with you, i thought it was funny when you quoted the lyrics like bringing a knife... Made me literally lol

    Set 24 2006, 4h27
  • aliceinreality


    Set 24 2006, 17h22
  • TooLateForRoses

    bro how can you talk shit about norma jean when you listen to bullshit like the killers, the chemical brothers, and ben folds lmfao. it is possible that a band has to adapt to the abilities of a new singer. and i agree w/ marctheshark up there, even tho the album cover might a be a little corny, who fucking cares. how can you argue about something you obviously know nothing about, seeing how you don't listen to either band.

    Out 2 2006, 17h24
  • oktology

    I know more about Norma Jean than you ever will, punk. I can talk shit because The Killers, The Chemical Brothers, and Ben Folds (who has a song about how he can't stand selling out and left his record label cos he hated what they demanded of him) didn't sell out. They are still true to what they were when they started. They've evolved, sure, but they didn't change when they got signed to major labels. Besides all that, my taste in music has no bearing. I didn't say Norma Jean sucks because my music taste is soooo significant, I said, They suck because they sold their creative soul and no longer make good music. If you had to be perfect to have an opinion on something, no one would be allowed to talk. Selling out is not getting popular or rich, or even signing to a major label. Selling out is changing to fit the mold. Selling out is toning down your sound because the record execs think it's too extreme and won't produce it. That's Norma Jean now. Look, sound, dress, act just like everyone else because that's what sells to the mallcore kiddos. As for adapting to the abilities of a new singer, Asshat McQueen up there doesn't [i]have[/i] any abilities. His voice is weak and uninteresting, and he's a less than witty lyricist.

    Out 2 2006, 21h13
  • oktology

    Also, just noticed that you listen to Coldplay, Outkast, and Radiohead, besides all the stuff that screams scenester. Take your make-believe-underground street cred and overinflated musical self image and soak it in a bucket of WHO THE FUCK CARES WHAT YOU LISTEN TO.

    Out 2 2006, 21h16
  • mrandmrspoot

    the chariot isnt much better, their remake cd was pointless.

    Out 2 2006, 21h47
  • oktology

    I disagree. The couple tracks I've heard off Unsung EP actually are interesting, where the originals on Everything Is Alive... sounded terrible. So terrible I only listened to them a few times and then deleted them.

    Out 3 2006, 2h19
  • jake_ee

    i completely agree. i actually really enjoyed The Unsung Ep, having some cleaner versisons of the tracks was awesome

    Jan 6 2010, 20h19
  • oktology

    (plus the track titles are lol)

    Jan 7 2010, 23h51
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