Mind Plug Records - The 2nd Anniversary ! (free download compilation) out now !


Mai 27 2012, 2h59

Mind Plug Records - The 2nd Anniversary

Another year has passed with some great new releases. Our special 'birthday present' for you this year is an over 100 min. free dowload compilation that includes exclusive, unreleased and upcoming tracks by artists already known on Mind Plug Records, as well as some new talents.

Download the Compilation from

01. Bearstatic - Centipede
02. Marcel rocha - Water Music
03. Mehata Sentimental Legend - Asian Resort MidSummer
04. Aos Crowley - Snow Queen
05. Tikki Masala - Frequencies of God
06. Novagiger - Galatea, Larissa and Naiad
07. Shivacult – Akshepini
08. Mikans - Ice Sheet
09. FreeGagaku - Five Layers For Peace
10. Subterrestrial - Centuries Passed
11. Chromasonic - Symbiosis#13
12. Siamgda - Slapdash

Mind Plug Records
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