first time in kansas city so they say...


Fev 2 2011, 4h25

well it was awesome at first and well 'the very best' really opened the crowd they were all like "you know this one man!!!" and alot of us didnt so it was a fail on their part not much of people from kansas city are into world (but there are some!!!) i liked them even though i didnt know them... then came Beach house.... well i didnt like them at first and i was yawning during their part of the show (yeah i do respect them a little better now though) then finally vampire weekend started playing at first i thought they would play only contra but they started out with a jam from their debut and then they started alot more jams me i was really thrilled when they started playing giving up the gun but then he said "im not feeling it today" and i also wanted them to play the cover for radiohead's exit music (for a film) and who can forget the classic a-punk and 3 random idiots going up the stage to dance for like 3 seconds just to get thrown out by the security i also noticed that alot of fools snuck to the "vip" section and didnt get caught shame i also couldnt believe the security didnt jam to the awesome sound of vampire weekend especially when the last song came and a guy jumped on top of a chair tipping it over and scaring the crap out of the security guard... there were to many hipsters and to many pre-teens and i also hated when the whole band left the stage all of a sudden....they probably planned it because just a few moments later they came and finally played horchata. overall id give the concert a 4/5 mainly because of beach house,the lack of giving up the gun, and them going off stage. - signed a guy called obed gloria
Sat 2 Oct – Vampire Weekend, Beach House, The Very Best


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