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  • Stttrfly

    Hi Anna, i'm glad you paid attention to me. Eyes Set to Kill, The Animal In Me, The Material, Stars In Stereo & Icon for Hire... I can still continue) Really great choice. Thanks.

    10 Nov 13h36 Responder
  • X_Symphony_X

    That's good :) I've been super busy D:

    4 Nov 5h07 Responder
  • KaniRules

    Hey girl! Long time no talk! How are you doing? (:

    21 Out 12h34 Responder
  • X_Symphony_X

    Thank you :) So how are you?

    12 Out 13h20 Responder
  • X_Symphony_X

    You have AMAZING music taste :D

    24 Set 18h02 Responder
  • ccrow1014

    Thanks for the accept! ...real nice music library. Shout by anytime. Recommends or just browse :)

    15 Ago 21h43 Responder
  • Mmmmarc23

    Heeeey :) how are you? :) x

    2 Jun 18h30 Responder
  • Furbies

    OMG I'm so sorry for taking so long. Damn!! Yeah and so it happens that another weekend is upon us. haha these past weeks have been crazy, I've been running from one side to the other trying to do everything I need to do at once. See , I'm not working per se, but I'm starting a new project and I have a million things to prepare, in the meantime I'm doing some translations as well so, I have a pretty full schedule now. :D I see, and that's good!! What major did you take in school?

    16 Mai 10h49 Responder
  • Mmmmarc23

    Oh! btw do you have any 'I Killed The Symphony' tracks? i really want them! i've only managed to get one and the rest have rubbish sound :/ just wondered if you had :( sorry i could have posted this on the last message and made it a whole lot longer ;) hahaha

    10 Mai 13h52 Responder
  • Mmmmarc23

    haha good as long as you let me off ;) yeah i hope so too :) will be great to be a film editor hehe :) well what i've seen so far all your pics are awesome ;) probably why you can't decide right? ;) hahaha ah no i hate short messages....haha ill try make mine longer! how is your cold? still suffering? :( wow i sound like you are dying haha xD Tonight Alive is coming near me in November and i really want to go but no-one likes them >.< i'm like seriously!! haha don't really want to go on my own...not many people that live near me love my kind of music which really sucks haha. What time is it in Germany? when i post this message it is 14:50pm :D hehe

    10 Mai 13h49 Responder
  • Mmmmarc23

    aha yeah me too! im just taking loads of medication for it so im kinda better =] haha aw thanks :) and yes it does mean that you look like someone that would work in an office :) hehe thats in a good way btw :) it would be amazing to have my own office etc! xD yeah definitely will take a course in film then hopefully do some of my own work and then hopefully companies will be interested ^^ hehe. oh btw seeing as you change your profile pic a lot you do look damn awesome ^^ id so come to Germany to see you xD

    9 Mai 22h13 Responder
  • Mmmmarc23

    Hey! Oh don't apologize we all get caught up with things hehe :) i must admit though i have missed our talks xD hehe but catching a cold isn't good :( i been suffering from hayfever lately which sucks :( no i don't mind hehe just let me know if you don't want to talk to me ever again ;) hahaha oh wow thats pretty cool :) you look like someone who would do that ^^ hehe. at the moment im working in Retail and kinda becoming a section leader of a department which is cool :) however i do want to get back into film studies and hopefully become a film editor :)

    9 Mai 16h23 Responder
  • villan63

    Hi thanks for accepting :)

    8 Mai 22h33 Responder
  • Furbies

    ahah I'm the same, so yeah :P Oh ok! Well, I had a birthday party from a friend of mine on Saturday night and I got completely wasted so of course yesterday was a bitch of a day with a hangover from hell. Besides that I just hung out :) Do you study, work, both? :)

    5 Mai 10h09 Responder
  • Mmmmarc23

    Its just amazing how awesome our conversations are getting haha! Omg im so like that also I check my phone and watch and when someone asks me I HAVE to look again aha terrible eh? ;) aha well tbh papercuts are the worst sort of pain over anything haha probably worse that getting shot at so no wonder they mention you may die from it ;) haha. Tell me what is it you do? :) and sorry for late replies tonight Im at work Aha

    4 Mai 17h51 Responder
  • Mmmmarc23

    LMAO!! i think we can agree HIMYM has the worst possible ending ever! it may aswell be called "Your Mother died....please can i have permission to....." ;) haha omg this is making me so angry im sorry xD haha! yeah! be proud! haha just carry on ;) even if i did i wouldn't be like oh..your so stupid aha im not like that in any way =] haha well ill try keep your secret...seeing as you posted it publicly on my wall but never mind eh? ;) aha! oh god yeah reminds me of me tbh...i forget things in 2 seconds of doing or saying something xD not really but now and then ;) haha oh im careful haha no honestly if you look up papercut you will probably get a comment saying.....please urgently put a plaster on it otherwise with the amount of blood loss you will die....im like...wow really? can you be any more serious? ;) hahaha or can i be any more sarcastic! ;) hahaha oh i know i hate rearranging text! im careful with this one! ;) haha! although im in the 900 words :O!

    3 Mai 17h03 Responder
  • Mmmmarc23

    PS i used up all of my word count :O that actually never happened before! haha >.< grrrrr!

    3 Mai 16h09 Responder
  • Mmmmarc23

    yeah.....with everyone going on about how amazing the show was i decided to buy them and thought wow i love this series......until season 9...tbh the whole of that season for me was just boring....most the time Marshall was on that annoying road trip i just wanted felt like giving up on the 5th episode....haha! oh wow....btw you type real good English! :) id have no clue about whats what in German haha and its been real nice talking to you :) if any of my words you don't understand just say xD haha yeah i may watch the 1st and 2nd seasons when i totally loved it but not as i used to because now i know the ending haha >.< haha yeah could be interesting the 2nd one as Dory is just comedy and i love her but who knows! haha xD oooooh okay well no....i don't think you're stupid and plus i actually didn't take into account that you're German so i accept you using Google ;) i always use google....especially for health problems in which it tells me im going to die even for a paper cut ;) haha

    3 Mai 16h08 Responder
  • Mmmmarc23

    Yeah.....i'd say the best ending to a show like that was 'Friends' and they kept talking about doing a film version or a reunion episode but i'm glad the actors don't want to because they left it in a good way. i must admit id love to see a reunion episode but it would definitely ruin it haha. so i was really upset with HIMYM ;/ i have 8 seasons on dvd.......and im thinking i've wasted all that money on a pointless ending aha. urm no im not kidding.....2015 it is released haha! and yeah love Dory but i agree with you sequels can ruin the 1st movie altogether :/ Finding Nemo should be and always be a stand-alone film! and yeah i haven't watched Pocahontas 2 :P i will always love the 1st one so watching and hearing about the 2nd one i will never watch :P (Btw nice spelling on that...i just copied yours because i have no idea how to spell her name! haha)

    3 Mai 15h29 Responder
  • Mmmmarc23

    Yeah definitely they totally ruined his character at the last point :/ it was so not legend...wait for it....dary aha! urm.....oh god....an alternate ending? haha im lost for words o_O...wow hahaha see i can't even remember the name because the episode was that shocking! haha =/ Oh! haven't you heard? there is going to be a sequel to Finding Nemo.......called 'Finding Dory' :/ hahaha sorry to ruin that for you =[ i feel bad aha! You up to much at the moment? =)

    3 Mai 15h14 Responder
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