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Reflections of a rational mind...

Being able to sense an unwanted trait serving as a human being, had me asking many questions about the lopsided amount of fear and destruction in people's lives and how we even got to this point in the first place. This overwhelming understanding led me to the social flaws that plague our evolution to the logical path of progression. We are blindly stuck in a world of false ego perfection, all becoming endlessly lost in the search of being unique. When in reality, you are just forcing the suppression of being part of the greater collective whole.

We replaced love, truth, and wisdom for a fragile infrastructure made of microchips and quick fixes from the pharmaceutical companies. They knowingly focus only on targeting the symptoms of an ailment but do nothing to cure the root cause of the problem. In most cases, the direct link is a malnutrition-based diet from unhealthy chemical soaked monocultures. This disease prone method of farming also has so many adverse effects on the land and wildlife. Not to mention all the oil-based products that will indelibly remain here long after were gone. They will tell our tale of the ungrateful race of greed and waste.

Really, something has to give; we are the only species who fights the flow of nature's laws by our relentless craving of material possessions. Continuing the act of religiously following current trends of consumerism will leave you in a meaningless pit of thinking you always need more goods to find your true happiness. This constant unsatisfied mood blocks out the reasonable likeminded concepts of peace and harmony while living on this finite planet. The total collapse of the ecosystem is almost certain when you ignore the fundamental mistakes humanity has made throughout the history of our brief existence.

If anything, we owe it all to our single celled ancestors that had the necessity for survival over millions of years, which provided us this exciting opportunity of life. The last thing we should be doing is exhausting our one and only home of its natural elements that keep the suitability motion going. They maintain the cycles that are crucial for the complex organisms to live. The hoarding of minerals and nutrients must end; you need to comprehend and realize how vital they are for all life forms to exist. We all need to start asking more questions that will benefit the future. It is time to take share in a positive consciousness that will aid us in the prolonging of all the species to an immense knowledge of our role in the big scheme of things.

We must take back our universal given rights of freedom from the corruption of the selected few that has altered our moral integrity and self worth. Without our knowing, has lain in the shadows carrying out their agenda of control and suffering. Although there is hope for whoever wakes up from the power driven mindless deception. I promise you, we will not lose this monumental fight if we all simplify our hearts and souls for this new era of enlightenment. With the infinite power of creativity and by having compassion for all the countless unheard voices around the world, we can take on anything in our way. So let us make a change to find a balance with everything and take on our responsibility as being the first intelligent species on planet earth. This is our only chance. Were all made from the same recipe, so start acting like it.

-NUL (Natural Universal Logic)
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