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  • ChadFromCanada

    You don't have many but most of them look killer. Are they originals or reissues (looking at some of them like Pink Flag by Wire you either have a ton of affordable reissues or lots of expensive originals). Either way, props to vinyl (I have over 600 but not every one is a gem).

    Abr 22 2007, 6h55
  • nudeasthenews

    To answer your specific example, the Pink Flag is definitely a reissue. Quite a few of them are reissues as well (Dead Kennedys, Husker Du, both Pixies albums, for example) but I do have a few originals, such as the Elvis Costello, the Beatles and the Bob Dylan, the S&G, etc. The divide between reissue and original mainly comes between the stuff I've bought from record stores, new (reissues) and stuff I've bought from ebay/used record shops (originals). Either way, this summer should see an expansion of the collection.

    Abr 24 2007, 15h43
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