Fev 27 2006, 8h04

Here is what Im excited about. All these great albums I have gotten in the last week or so.

Angels Egg. Goofy at times and Im loving it
Hex Might be my favorite of the bunch
Herd Of Instinct Talk Talk bass and drummer project
Down Colorful Hill
Floodland A little dissapointed by this one. fuckin goths!
Neu 1
Rusty If you like Slint you will like this ish
I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight Former Fairport convention member. pleasantly surprised.
In Ribbons1.99!!
Lorca get this!
Electric Warrior about time!!
The Chief Assassin to The Sinister black heart procession lead singer early band. Pretty good
The Stooges About time!
Faust IV yeah!!
Music for 18 Musicians Amazing!!


  • sea-ferring

    That Steve Reich album blows my mind - so beautiful. The guy that introduced me to Reich is a workmate and one day at work all we had some kind of fire alarm malfunction. The fire alarms in question are those annoyinghigh pitched things - he came running over to my cubicle and was like Dude! Check out the Doppler Effect - its like Steve Reich! So we spent 20 minutes or so walking around in circles through the building checking out the alarm sources going in and out of phase. I'm a dork. :) I used to be big into Sisters Of Mercy - their first album (First And Last And Always) is better than Floodland IMO, but it is pretty dated at this stage....

    Fev 27 2006, 16h47
  • barewires

    Nice picks. Angel's Egg has been one of my favorites recently. If you like Richard & Linda Thompson, try to find a copy of Pour Down Like Silver. Reminds me a bit of Pink Moon, beautiful but also bleak and forbidding. Very good album.

    Fev 27 2006, 18h20
  • davidcosand

    Steve Reich's 18 is quite possibly the most amazing recording i've ever heard. congrats.

    Fev 27 2006, 19h58
  • redrimbaud

    Down Colourful Hill's amazing. Definitely a good buy. In Ribbons is kinda patchy IMO. The Comforts of Madness is still the strongest of their releases. Oh yeah, do try to get your hands on Flesh Balloon as well cos it features The Pale Saints covering Nancy Sinatra's Kinky Love....delightful!

    Jun 9 2006, 7h56
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