Fifty Similar Artists


Set 15 2006, 6h20

I have decided I am going to use this journal for musical memes.

So, the first one.

"Go to the page of your number one artist, and follow the link of it's number one similar artist, then repeating that for this artist and so on, noting down each artist as you go. Do this until you've got to 50 artists (not including your number one). If you get any repeats, just go to the second similar artist or the nearest one that you haven't already had."

Starting at Eskimo Joe.

1. Eskimo Joe
2. Grinspoon
3. Powderfinger
4. The Whitlams
5. Something for Kate
6. Clouds
7. Revelação Ao vivo
8. Ruck Rover
9. Lee Perry The Upsetter
10. Nativity In Black
11. Bryan Gee
12. Orko the Sycotik Alien
13. Park-Like Setting
14. The Epidemic
15. Dustin and the Furniture
16. Shelby Sifers
17. Jordaan Mason
18. Belly Boat
19. Pee Chees
20. Subdebs
21. Jason Traeger
22. Internal/External
23. Jeff Mueller
24. Kleenexgirlwonder
25. The Sinking Ships
26. Kim Norlen
27. Jorge Negrete
28. The Sacados
29. Gloria Stefan
30. Alejandro & Vicente Fernandez
31. Free Hole Negro
32. Porno Para Ricardo
33. Cuba Libre
34. Tribal
35. Marchello
36. Irschtas
37. Datakult
38. Paranoize
39. Highko
40. Paranoize
41. Kerosene Club
42. Wizard Lizard
43. Metallaxis
44. Claw
45. Dejan
46. Savage Scream
47. Mubali
48. Dronebixie
49. Encaphalopatycis
50. Dejan & Shenz

Mexican folk, Canadian hip-hop, lots of Brazillian (maybe?) music, uh, Free Hole Negro..., Serbian and Yugoslavian music, acidic psychdelica, . Wow, after number five, that was weird. And it all finished off with an artists that only has one track, called Heu2.


  • Stackboy

    More like 50 NOTHINGS!!!! Sheesh.

    Dez 10 2006, 11h58
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