Pain Glorious Pain


Mai 22 2009, 22h12

I've been sick as a dog since last night. I quit smoking and drinking caffeinated products a couple of days ago and my body is returning the favor. My chest is tight and my head has began its withdrawal pound. That is why to me that caffeine is a horrible drug. Being legal justifies it in some weird way but it really puts me in a deal of pain mentally and now the withdrawals are a sign of what it has been doing. I know I'm in the minority but it really inhabits my getting things done by making me do just stupid shit for longer periods of time without any thought to do something else. Not always, but mostly.

Anyway, I know I will overcome this eventually, just a few more days and some time to clear my lungs of the shit.

So I'm listening to Puffy and have been a fan since 2004. That's all good but their last two albums have sounded like Avril Lavigne on most of their songs and that is shit. There is some of the cool production and melody changes that are found in the pre-Splurge era but I think they're trying to keep their market limited to little girls that watch their cartoon on Cartoon Network, which is unfortunate. I hope they make a drastic change on their next one.

I will keep this short so I can get some more stuff done in my life.


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