Whitlams Shows!


Ago 10 2006, 9h19

Hope all you Melbournian Whitlams fans are jumping on tickets for The Whitlams at The Corner Hotel on Friday October 13

Must be a good year - just 18 and The Whitlams twice? - things sure are looking up :)


  • Bruski75

    Ordered and received. Dont know about it being a good year though, this will make four live shows i've been to this year and two of them are the Whitlams. Lucky I like 'em. Plus it keeps the missus happy cause she thinks Jak is a spunk.

    Ago 24 2006, 0h53
  • nomsta

    haha Jak IS a spunk! your missus is quite the clever lady. just take it that she has good taste:P actualy come to think of it it's been a relatively quiet gig year for myself, even though with just turning 18 i can no longer get turned away..

    Ago 26 2006, 14h11
  • jarmac

    How did those you go to whitlams enjoy it? I was tempted to go, but need to save the cash :P I'm not too keen on their new album either, compared to their old stuff that is.

    Out 20 2006, 4h21
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