Abr 20 2012, 9h44

Continuing with our twin series (LOL!), we bring you a mix from Hollie Hensman and Derek George, better known as Brusque Twins. The Montréal duo has a fine new EP called A Voice In The Night out now on the awesome Visage Musique. You can get it from their Bandcamp, or order a physical copy here. The first single from the EP, ‘Speaking in Colour’, is included in the mix. Speaking of the mix, we’ll let Hollie and Derek introduce it themselves.
“Essentially, we did our best Veronica Vasicka impression – jumping around from post-punk, minimal synth, house, italo, funk as well as giving our Visage Musique fam some love. It’s a rougher punk mix – we used some vinyl so the sound quality varies a little bit. C’est la vie.” Now go and listen to it, what else is there to say:

NC GUEST MIX#53: Brusque Twins

01. Cabaret VoltaireThe Set-Up
02. Kazinobinary
03. Police des moeursTremblements
04. Malaria!You You
05. Severed HeadsDead Eyes Opened (remix three)
06. Brusque TwinsSpeaking In Colour
07. DigitsRachel Marie (GOLD ZEBRA Remix)
08. Master C&JDub Love
09. Funky FamilyFunky Is On
10. Tony CopsUmberto
11. GlassLet Me Feel Your Heartbeat

NC GUEST MIX#53: BRUSQUE TWINS by Noconclusion on Mixcloud

Facebooque Twins.
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