Nov 4 2009, 13h31

Apparently Xiu Xiu and Parenthetical Girls share an "obsession with the works of one Steven Patrick Morrissey" so they've decided to cover some of his works. PG take on one of my favourite early The Smiths' tracks, Handsome Devil, while Xiu Xiu cover I Am Hated for Loving from Morrissey's Vauxhall and I. Get the 7" here. Funny cover btw. The Parenthetical Girls' track is available for streaming on their new website.

Speaking of that new site, there is also some info on the forthcoming releases. First, there is a 10" The Scottish Play: Wherein the Group Parenthetical Girls Pay Well-intentioned (If Occasionally Misguided) Tribute to the Works of Ivor Cutler, now available in digital format on iTunes. And then "There is new Parenthetical Girls music which is, as we speak, being pressed to vinyl. And that vinyl is labeled Privilege. And there’s more where that came from." + "Parenthetical Girls WILL BE completing our Christmas release this year, and it promises to be extra special."

As for Xiu Xiu, their new record is called Dear God, I Hate Myself and it's due out in February 2010. They've also contributed to the new MERGE compilation Score! 20 Years of Merge Records: The Remixes! Download the track below, stream the whole thing and preorder the CD here.

Volcana! (I Hope Your Train Crashes Remix) (The 6ths)
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