Electric Eel Shock + Bloodhound Gang!!


Out 30 2005, 13h02

I think that Bloodhound Gang Should be added as an Artist Connection for our Electric Eel Shock group as they are doing so well on the support tour. It'll make lots of people remember how good they were & find them on here too!

Can't wait to see them both in the UK myself.


  • JAStewart

    I'm seeing them in Glasgow! Can't wait.

    Nov 4 2005, 21h32
  • nli10

    rocked. Although the sheer amount of onstage vomiting means that Jareds delicate little tummy probably can't cope with our English food (and the Jagermeister...). EES did rock mightily too - make sure you have £25 spare for the T-shirt/CD/sticekrs/Badges Supadeal as thats what all the kids seemed to be buying. I swear by the end of the gig there were almost as many EES shirt wearing fans there as BHG!

    Nov 7 2005, 15h46
  • txg399

    i was at the birmingham gig. the vomiting was unbeleivable! great gig.

    Nov 7 2005, 23h32
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