• HEADSCAN- dead silver sky

    Fev 10 2007, 2h38 / Artoffact Records /Headscan

    ive got in my possession a cd i obtained from HEADSCAN for promotional use only. not for resale.


    1. Dead Silver Sky [biometric]
    2. Dead Silver Sky [protocol]
    3. Dead Silver Sky [remix by component]
    4. Sentinel [remix by dance against the machine]
    5. Dead Silver Sky
    6. Sentinel [kinetic]
    7. Metadata
  • breakbeat science: exercise.003

    Fev 7 2007, 2h06

    ive got in my posession a drum + bass dj mix by Klute


    Break- Positive/Negative
    Hive & Tejada- Air Raid
    Nautilus- Passport [Klute remix]
    Klute- Galaxian
    Amit- Roots
    Silent Witness- The Sands
    Concord Dawn- Take Me Away
    Invincible- Mean Streets [Klute remix]
    Invaderz- Rock [Klute remix]
    Amit- Snake Pit
    Chris SU & Tactile- Undercover Dub
    Klute- Growl
    Baron- Ransom
    Al- Soul Good [TC1 & Stress Level remix]
    Zero Tolerance- Big Boss

    Dez 26 2006, 2h53

    Been listening to a lot more indie the past few days. Found an indie station broadcast near the L.A. area that i find myself streaming for at least 1+ hours per day. Heard a lot of indie-rock versions of Christmas songs which made me laugh. They also played TV on the Radio, Radiohead, The Shins, The Mars Volta, Teddybears, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Dandy Warhols, Bloc Party, Beck, My Bloody Valentine, etc. I smiled when they played My Bloody Valentine! even played old Smith songs and The Cure. Just think about how great it must be to live in an area where you can turn on the radio and hear the music you love. Makes me wish the radio around here was cool like that, but its not.

    Also noticed that a lot of the bands that i like are Swedish-based or from Canada, whether its electronic or rock.
  • electro

    Dez 11 2006, 3h12

    takin a break from rock and indie.
    stopped playing in rock bands.
    been listenin to lots of electro, idm, and underground
    hip hop such as Scarub.

    have yet to learn how to fully use ableton live.