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  • Sofi_Matsumoto

    mmm asalnya baratan y? hehe suka jpop g kak? ^^

    14 Abr 11h48 Responder
  • Sofi_Matsumoto

    hehehe makasih kak~~ iya nih aku lg merangkap dari jejepangan ke korea2an XD sksd bgt ya aku panggil kakak.. tp gpp kan? ^^ kkk

    13 Abr 13h27 Responder
  • Sofi_Matsumoto

    Hi kakak~ makasih udah accept^^ aku sofi, jrock jpop kpop lover. salam kenal :))

    13 Abr 11h22 Responder
  • soonkyut

    wahhh~~ aku masih sma kelas 1 heheh^^~

    7 Mar 8h24 Responder
  • beyonhae_

    slr. iya bangeeeeeet hihihi <3 bias ku donghae<3 aduh itu kelewat lucuuuuu tolong :<

    22 Fev 7h13 Responder
  • miss_mitsu

    ke ke. yes, here is winter but a warm one. we had snow~ few weeks ago, and now, feels like spring. yup, you have rain often. well, i'm rain lover, everything about it is lovely. my fave is winter (i love winter outfits~too), but i love spring and fall too~ i don't love summer, even that i'm summer child. since i was little i hated my b-day because is when nobody is at home/summer break; always had half empty b-day party. i can't say that i don't love anything about summer, but it is not my style (haha). ^^ your favorite time of year? ohh, i know. sometimes ~ i have that feeling like i'm sick~ of design, because of all projects that i have to do. but, when i finish them, i realize that i'm happy about result. like they say, it's always look hard until it's done. FIGHTING! i made side pictures, but i just put typography. i will send u some~ of my design. yes, that hair is wow, he is always price~ ^^ i don't talk nice like you, my english is bad, sorry. i will add you~ chu, x o x o.

    16 Fev 20h01 Responder
  • miss_mitsu

    np~ ^^ keke, overdose of kai. here, is cold so i don't ride bicycle, but i want so much, keke~ how is weather there? ty~ you too, do the best. wow~ sociology! that is why you talk/write nice~ ^^ do you love it so far? i'm graphic design student~ ^^ oh, i saw it. i don't like it, but when he pulls hair on one side like yesterday, it's nice~ keke. do you have something besides, maybe twitter, kakao? hv a sweet day~ ♡.

    15 Fev 11h45 Responder
  • miss_mitsu

    hello, I'm sorry on late reply, I was busy with exams. keke, dominated by kai, so true. i was like, gaaah, you again~ - . - laxy hyung is awesome! ^ ^ ep 2 is lol, really blah, and kai's dogs are ugly. haha. but, it's cute that they ride bicycles together. i love~ love to ride bicycles next to river, nothing is better. ^^ gd, ♡. ohh~ my semester on faculty starts soon, i have few days for doing nothing/enjoy, blah. do the best in new semester! what are you studying? student at? high school or? i know that you are my dongsaeng, keke~ always find some to enjoy yourself. x o x o. ♡.

    12 Fev 18h36 Responder
  • soonkyut

    sukurdeh ada yg tau kota itu hahahah wah udah kuliah? ;D

    12 Fev 12h35 Responder
  • miss_mitsu

    keke, i remember when i waited for teasers that was really fun but unbearable to, i wanted to see them all~ days were like - from who is going to be teaser today? *curious* *curious* fave: sehun's black pearl and tao-second teaser~ all teasers are so~ awesome done, love to watch them. ^^ keke, kris galaxy! he is surly favorite ''star'' in exo showtime~ and of course byun baek. ^^ i loved when they traveled to seaside. ^^ in last ep, they were so~ hyper. cute. ufff, can't decide which ep is my fave. your fave ep? i hv few kpop groups that i follow, i'm more into indie~ donno how i started with kpop. i think it was gd and his heartbreaker album, lol. here, is night now~ it's ok//fun to write about exo, i don't mind at all//love it! we are one! ^^ use your time in best way~ enjoy! ♡.

    8 Fev 19h25 Responder
  • soonkyut

    di bondowoso jatim kota kecil gaterkenal itu mah lol-_- kalo kamu?~

    8 Fev 14h34 Responder
  • miss_mitsu

    ke ke, i lost my mind from teasers, i was like, omo, he is too perfect. since than, i still ♡ him. btw, do u watch exo showtime? they are so dumb and cute, lol. sweet dreams. it's night there, right? kisses n hugs~ ♡.

    6 Fev 17h41 Responder
  • miss_mitsu

    yes, yes, the marshmallow kisses. they hv lovely/unique lyrics ^^ keke, yup~ i do~ adore sehun. he is really wow~ fave from beginning~ but, all exo boys are cute, a little less d.o., kai... donno, but i love them less. x o x o// an x is kiss, an o is for a circled hug.

    5 Fev 17h02 Responder
  • miss_mitsu

    yes~ it feels like~ that this exam period doesn't hv end. *uglysobs* . i just listened few songs from mocca. really love it. from what i heard so far, my faves - it's over now, secret admirer. totally cute vibes just like when u listen to linus' blanket~ i will listen them for sure, ty for sharing. ^^ explore the marshmallow kisses~ their music is soo~ sweet just like from these two. standing egg are great~ moment, such prefect album. u r sending me really lovely shouts, so i hv to reply with enough dose of loveliness too~ be well, ♡.

    5 Fev 10h22 Responder
  • soonkyut

    iya tp gak sesuka dulu sih lol lebih ke sunny sm baekhyun hahaha sehun gila banget sm sehun lol

    4 Fev 15h56 Responder
  • miss_mitsu

    i will try~ but, next to all this books, kinda hard to hv a nice day...blah, boring. ^^ anyway, ty my dongsang. ^^ i'm glad that u like~ ^^ which artist do you like the most from recommendation? keke, i started to listen j rabbit~ for all day, i didn't listen them for long~ long~ time, u reminded me. enjoy your time~ ^^

    4 Fev 9h56 Responder
  • miss_mitsu

    ty a lot ~^^ can't wait to finish them all.... hv the sweetest day~

    3 Fev 8h48 Responder
  • soonkyut

    iya sama sunny juga ;D kl bias kamu?

    2 Fev 5h40 Responder
  • beyonhae_

    engga telat ko hahaha aku aja suka sj pas jamannya sorry sorry xD you are totally right! hahaha mereka memang susah untuk dipilih buat jadi bias wkwk sometimes jongin ruins my bias list also xDD

    2 Fev 3h51 Responder
  • soonkyut

    thanks for you too :--)

    2 Fev 1h40 Responder
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