Carbon/Silicon - 15 Dec 2008

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Dez 16 2008, 10h02

Tue 16 Dec – Carbon Casino 9

Carbon Casino 8
The Hammersmith Club
15 December 2008

Good morning, here's the news and all of it is good.

Mick Jones is an inspiration.

His lyrics say something to me about my life and the world I live in.

He loves what he does and he does it because he loves it. Something I aspire to. Something we all aspire to?

C/S create original events and do them on their own terms, seeking out interesting venues and always creating something special and memorable.

Last night was another joyous celebration of life, love and West London.

Three acts and then Carbon/Silicon. Mick guested with the final support band featuring his cousin Martin and all the way from the Harrow Road.

I love seeing Mick on stage. Suit, tie, cufflinks, a glass of beer and regular smiles whilst he plays guitar with his customary beguiling skill and musicality. He and I exchanged numerous grins throughout the show.

Spizz was up at the front too looking like a man enjoying every minute.

Leo, Tony and Dom all looked to be enjoying themselves too.

The setlist was a mix of many of yer C/S favourites and the three new songs previewed on the recent YouTube video. All sounded bloody marvellous (although the sound system sounded a bit distorted - not that I cared).

Reason To Believe was in there. I love hearing C/S play it. A great song and their version does it for me.

Huey from the Fun Lovin' Criminals came on for first encore and we treated to a rousing version of Scooby Snacks, followed by Honky Tonk Women.

Why Do Men Fight? rounded things off.

Life reaffirming is what it is. I've got a massive spring in my step this morning. I wish I was going back again for tonight's show. I look forward to seeing them again in 2009 and the new album too. Does anyone know if that's a "proper" release or another MPFree?

The night was made all the better by meeting a couple of old school friends - one of them is quite good friends with Mick. Who knew? He'd seen C/S ten times. Lucky bastard.

A really great night. I wish you could have been there. Or were you?

Good evening, here's the news and all of it is good, and the weather's good.


  • nigeyb

    Got the setlist now... Set List: 1: Whats up dock 2: The Magic Suitcase 3: I Loved You 4: War On Culture 5: Nothing But The Truth 6: Party World 7: Unbelievable Pain 8: Reason To Believe 9: The News 10: Really The Blues 11: What The f**k 1st Encore: 12. Scooby Snacks with Huey (F.L.C.) 13. Honky Tonk Woman 14. Why Do Men Fight?

    Dez 16 2008, 12h45
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