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  • lonelyfurrow

    Like you I've given TPT a couple of listens and, to be honest, first impressions are not good. I was hoping for something heavier. There seems to be a lot of slow or quiet tracks and the ones that are a bit heavier have the same "sound" as the previous album... I hope it's a grower.

    19 Set 19h22 Responder
  • Rubberbandman16

    Thanks for the compliment, I like to mix things up, different styles :) Yes, going to be hanging out with a friend this weekend, hope yours is as well. Good old Route 66, would be nice to be young & do it all over again!

    19 Set 18h53 Responder
  • lonelyfurrow

    What do you think of the new Pineapple Thief album ?

    18 Set 19h25 Responder
  • Rubberbandman16

    Another good picture, Nic lol. Have a great week!

    8 Set 21h17 Responder
  • lonelyfurrow

    Next time you e-mail him ask him if he wants to join the Deadbeat Club... we need new members... Haha.

    2 Set 17h00 Responder
  • lonelyfurrow

    Dude... I don't know if you have heard but there is a sample track off Lunatic Soul's new album on the K-Scope website. Sounds great. Also the album is available for pre-order... £12 including "making of" DVD. Interested ?

    2 Set 16h20 Responder
  • Rubberbandman16

    I hope it's not an age thing, you're not much older than me! Yeah, that couldn't be me, I don't drink ale. Nice picture :)

    20 Ago 17h02 Responder
  • Rubberbandman16

    I mentioned DBA? I don't even know what that is, haha. Am I going crazy & forgot already?

    19 Ago 19h20 Responder
  • Rubberbandman16

    Wow, saw you left 2 clubs. I can see Marathon Friday. I tried for several months, but couldn't get into the same artist for a whole day. Well, I'm sure we'll still see you on here somewhere every now & then :)

    19 Ago 15h59 Responder
  • lonelyfurrow

    Fair point about live music. If you don't listen to it there's no point being in the group. To be honest both me and Tyson decided yesterday to put a hold on the live music listening. I don't have a huge library of live music so most weeks I've been listening to the same albums. I haven't updated the Friday marathons for a few weeks mainly because there were only 2 or 3 people taking part so there didn't seem much point. I'm like you I think that group is dying a slow death. As for the DB club I think it's a good place just to hang out and have a laugh. Maybe you'll drop by occasionally. We're still mates though... yeah ?

    19 Ago 12h53 Responder
  • lonelyfurrow

    I see your dropping the groups... any reason ?

    18 Ago 21h44 Responder
  • tlukes123

    My favorite beer is a British style ale made by Firestone out here: I'm trying to think if I ever do dabble in lagers, but I really don't think so. My coworker was talking about a cask conditioned lager that he tried out in Britain when he visited and said it was really good an quite a bit different. Apparently served at room temperature too.

    18 Ago 18h48 Responder
  • lonelyfurrow

    I don't have a mobile phone so, no I don't use that app :) I just drink what ever is on the shelf in the fridge.

    18 Ago 18h10 Responder
  • Rubberbandman16

    well, USUALLY I listen to harder stuff, gotta mix it up & mellow out sometimes. I knew you were going to notice that, haha. And never noticed the shouts were 1/5 of the scrobbles! But it will never catch up, haha

    18 Ago 16h38 Responder
  • Rubberbandman16

    I'm kind of the same way with the DB Club, I listen to heavier stuff than everybody else. A lot of times they'll go on about certain artists & albums in great detail & I can't really say much. That's why I try to talk about non-music stuff sometimes, haha

    18 Ago 16h09 Responder
  • Rubberbandman16

    Well, I'm not in the Marathon anymore. Got out in like April, concentrating solely on The Deadbeat Club

    17 Ago 18h14 Responder
  • Rubberbandman16

    See you're still in Marathon Friday. Looks like it's a very small group now

    17 Ago 18h07 Responder
  • Rubberbandman16

    Hey Nic, I see you still like those ass pictures, no buts about it, haha :)

    13 Ago 22h46 Responder
  • penguintiz

    Hi, I have a new prog piece out and a new classical recording out

    10 Ago 12h10 Responder
  • lonelyfurrow

    New Lunatic Soul album out Oct. 13th according to the K-Scope website.

    1 Ago 13h33 Responder
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