• Not dead....

    Jan 15 2008, 3h43

    ...I just don't have a computer right now. So my scrobbles are.. uh... not. No scrobbles.
    I have to listen to music on CDs, like some sort of prehistoric caveman. Or my mp3 player, but I'm too lazy to carry it around with me all the time.

    So, anyway.. still here, just not scrobblin'.

    In case you were worried.
  • Assemblage 23 - Let Me Be Your Armor

    Out 8 2007, 19h36

    I've recently become completely obsessed with the Assemblage 23 track Let Me Be Your Armor because I feel like the lyrics were practically written for me. So, as lame and emo as this is, I'm posting the lyrics to the song. The last verse is the important part.

    Let me take the fall
    Let me take the blame
    Let me carry you from hell
    To home again.

    Let me walk for you
    When your legs are weak
    Let me find the words for you
    When you can't speak

    Let me be your armor
    Let me be your shield
    Let me take away the pain you feel (your armor)
    Let me be the light
    That guides your way through darkest night
    Let me be your armor.

    Let me take the blows
    That were meant for you
    Let me help you with the trials
    You're going through

    Let me keep you safe
    From the world outside
    Let me wipe away the tears
    That fill your eyes

    Let me be your armor
    Let me be your shield
    Let me take away the pain you feel (your armor)
    Let me be the light
    That guides your way through darkest night
    Let me be your armor.

    Let me keep you from
    Experience you need
    Let me bind you with my selfishness
    And greed

    Let me stifle you
    Let me have control
    Let me smother
    Every aspect of your soul

    Let me be your armor
    Let me be your shield
    Let me take away the pain you feel (your armor)
    Let me be the light
    That guides your way through darkest night
    Let me be your armor.

    (I know this is lame of me. Forgive me)
  • Haujobb!

    Jul 12 2007, 0h41

    I just discovered Haujobb is on tour this September.
    And then I discovered their nearest show is eleven hours away. They totally denied Chicago.

    Excuse me, I must take a moment to cry.
  • iAudio X5 + Rockbox

    Mai 11 2007, 2h55

    Now that I have Rockbox installed on my mp3 player, even the music I listen to in my car isn't free from the watchful eye of

    You can see, for example, that I threw on some VNV Nation for my morning commute, and that I accidentally left it on when I got home and it decided to play a non-stop block of Wumpscut (it was on random play, I swear!) until the battery died or gave up in Rudy-inspired despair. Whichever came first.

    Now, some words about the iAudio X5. I've had mine for just about a year now. I wish I had an iPod. Features-wise, the X5 is more impressive. It has a larger hard drive (or did at the time), plays flac and ogg and a slew of neat formats, and the USB on-the-go feature seems really useful (you can connect a thumbdrive, digital camera, or any USB storage device to it and copy files directly onto the X5--no computer involved). But I don't think I have any flac or ogg files on it and I've not once had an opportunity to use USB OTG. On top of that, the interface sucks (everything you want is doable but you might have to go through several menus to get there), you can't charge it or connect to a computer without a special dock, and it can't play and charge at the same time (meaning for long roadtrips it's pretty much useless, even though I have a car charger). And to make matters worse, every five songs or so the audio messes up completely--it makes this weird beepy-popping noise and the audio is sped up somewhat--for about three seconds. It's a very minor inconvenience, but it seems to always strike when I'm right in the middle of a song I'm really getting into.

    Rockbox didn't improve the interface much. The database is alright, and support is awesome, but other than that I don't use much of what it provides. And everything is still ugly, only now largely text-based. At least the Now Playing screen can be themed to be somewhat less hideous.

    In short, get an iPod. If you're stuck with a crap mp3 player, hope you can get Rockbox because at least then the music you listen to on your lame device can be made known to the world. Because we all care, really.
  • Filipino Box Spring Hog!

    Mar 26 2007, 1h23

    Filipino Box Spring Hog Recipe

    Alright, so maybe Filipino Box Spring Hog doesn't quite work as a recipe, but it makes me laugh nonetheless.
  • "Tom Waits for No One" animated video

    Jan 11 2007, 1h48

    Here's an apparently lost-until-YouTube rotoscoped film of The One That Got Away. According to the description it took Tom Waits, two strippers, 6 takes, and 13 hours of footage to make this one 5 1/2 minute animation.

    (found via Nerve)
  • plastichrist - In the Movie Now (Ruin of Man edit)

    Jul 19 2006, 8h01

    Take Nicole Blackman's excellent, disturbing track In the Movie Now and rework it as a haunting electronic song and you end up with plastichrist's In the Movie Now (Ruin of Man edit).

    You can download both online:
    Nicole Blackman - In the Movie Now.mp3
    plastichrist - In the Movie Now (Ruin of Man edit)

    I highly recommend both.
  • Argh! Crapflooding!

    Fev 7 2006, 8h19

    Apologies, comrades, for the recent journal crapflood. I've rescinded the right for everyone to post journals. If anyone wants rights to post journals let me know and I'll consider it.

    Now, to add some industrial relevancy: a reccomendation for Foetus's Love. I've been listening to it frequently and am finding it immensely enjoyable, especially the track Thrush, with Jennifer Charles supplying guest vocals. Her beauty of her voice combined with the 'sickness' of Thirlwell's voice make for a dizzying combination but it works. Tremendously so.