• Continual infectious smiles

    Set 12 2007, 13h00

    Tue 11 Sep – I'm From Barcelona, Jeremy Warmsley

    Hands down the most enjoyable, happy gig of the year... maybe even the decade! I'm not going to list all the songs, mainly because I can't remember them, but they started off with 'Treehouse' in a Euro-Techno-style (if anyone knows better, then do tel me!). Then there was the mas of balloons that appeared from aparently nowhere, including some really massive ones (one of which I popped: I have the remenents of it upstairs...)
    They played Collection of stamps, The Painter, Chickenpox, Britney (a new one...), Jenny, and, ooo, for full listings see the back of the album/the guy who came off stage with the set list.
    Anyway. I've never smiled like that for a whole hour!
    bloody brilliant.

    Jeremy Warmsley seemed good as well: a bit of the Clark Kent going on, and melodious tunes that went down well.
  • Guywood -SOR

    Mai 20 2007, 19h40

    Fri 18 May – Stand Out Riot

    As usual, a funfunfuN gig from the SOR, despite missing the hodge. The dancing competition was a triumph - and was extended so everyone could get up and shake their 'Roode Thang' - especially Brooker and Omidpie, who were quickly followed by a certain Mr. Jones - who, unlike the others, was sober. (now THERE'S a suprise.)
    The new member seemed to fit in quite seamlessly, and a good performance was topped of by missing the god-spot and heading back to New Mills - Via the off-license of course!!Stand Out Riot