• Portishead at Quai Jacques-Cartier - Setlist

    Out 10 2011, 19h32

    Fri 7 Oct – Portishead, Thought Forms

    According to Evenko, around 10000 people gathered on the quay for the show.

    Here is the setlist:

    -Nylon Smile
    -The Rip
    -Sour Times
    -Magic Doors
    -Wandering Star
    -Machine Gun
    -Glory Box
    -Chase The Tear


    -We Carry On.

  • moooooooooooooooom

    Nov 6 2009, 21h39

    Mon 26 Oct – múm, Sin Fang Bous

    Long a revenir mais je reprennais mes esprits de cet excellent concert.
    La 1ere partie a été au delà de mes attentes même si j'en ai manqué un bout. Sin Fang Bous...ouais à reécouter..bon rendu sonore et une voix lanscinante et un tantinet tristounette du chanteur. J'ai aimé.
    Pour mùm, rien a dire: Formidable! et pour la sensation extatique..mmhhhh, oui je l'ai eu. Des yeux quelque peu mouillés pendant Green grass of tunnel et un large sourire pour They made Frog smoke 'til they exploded ..

    PS: 1ère recomposition de la setlist:
    Sing along
    Show me
    Prophecies & reversed memories
    The smell of today is sweet like breastmilk in the wind
    if i were a fish
    Green grass of tunnel
    They made Frog smoke 'til they exploded
  • She really talks to me

    Mai 5 2009, 16h18

    What an amazing voice... i went there to make sure it's her natural voice that usually plays on my headphones and i was astonished, she's only 20!
    She played Daydreamer alone and that was the apex. She has a great sense of humour and she's kindly close to the attendance and way modest.
    I love her.
    Tue 28 Apr – Adele @ Metropolis, Montreal (QC)