• Warped Tour 08/03/2007

    Ago 7 2007, 19h49

    Alright, I figured I'd write about warped. I don't have to much energy to like, go into great detail, and I don't really feel like typing into great detail either. I went to Jamie's at like 7:30, Chris came and got us at 8:50. We got there around 10 because there was HORRID traffic on 95. There was a bad accident or something. We got there and I went right in because I had to like hang posters and get ready for warped. So I was hanging out with these two girls hanging Circa posters, and this guy was like, "White Boy!". Like, I guess cause I was with two black girls. I hate older white men, who are like typically obnoxious and whatnot. He kept saying "White boy!" And I was like, ... I saw Jeffree Star just like walking, and I was like, Holy Crap, he's a real person, haha. Alright, gates opened and people started coming in, so I handed out these Chiodos/ Circa Survive time cards people could write their times on. Then these fan things, haha. Then I went to meet Jamie and Chris. I saw like, a Spill Canvas song. Then met up with Chris and Jamie, and then went to go meet Nick with Jamie and Chris and someone else headed another way. We hung out at the 74greenlights tent then we saw Kaddisfly. They were pretty good, but I didn't care much for the vocals. Like, they weren't bad, I just didn't really like them. Then after that I don't know what happened. I know Nick had to go back to his tent. I remember what happened between and then now, haha. I ran into Chris after hanging out with Jamie and me him dan and steve went to see Circa. After that, I went and saw Valencia with Jen :D It was my 8th Valencia show. I haven't seen them since October/ 10 months ago. Yeah. It was cool, I like, got my way up to the barriers by the last song. Afterwards, Jenn wanted to see Paramore, so that's where we went. She crowdsurfed, and I stayed in the crowd, cause Chiodos<3 was playing the next set on that stage. By the end of Paramore, I was like the 3rd row from the barriers, and when Chiodos started I was pretty much barriers. I saw Chris like 7 people down, and I was like, come down here, but it was too packed anyway. But all the sudden during the set, he was like, behind me. Craig came down and did his whole standing on the crowd thing, and me and Chris helped hold him up :D Ahahaha. P.S. I could have gotten backstage for their set! Amanda and Brit were back there. If I would have been back there, I could have met Jason, but in the crowd, I got to hold up Craig. Either way I win. But I'd rather meet Jason, cause like, Craig is nothing special to me. Later on in the night, I was in line with Chris, Nicole, and Dan, and like, they were waiting to meet CinSun, and Craig came walking over, and like, I moved like he was a normal person trying to pass through a line. He's just like, a normal person to me. Anyway, back to my story, haha. After Chiodos, me and Chris hopped the barriers, and like, I was dazed, just walking so tired and not thinking, haha. We were going to get drinks, and I found this waterbottle, so I was like, this is mine, and he took the other one. We dumped them, then filled them up at the water fountains, ahahaha. Whatever. Um, after that I went to see if the tent I was supposed to be helping with needed help. She said she was good, so we went to the grass behind the smartpunk stage and theatre or whatever. Jenn was there with her boo, ahahahaha. And then Liz came :D So like, we just chiilllleeed there. I was so tired, it felt so great to just like, chill in the grass and look up. After about an hour, we went to see Cinematic Sunrise<3 They were so so so so so good<33333 I was really happy to see them, haha. After them, I went back to the merchnow tent again to see if I could help with anything, and she just asked me to sort out the CinSun line. I did that, haha, I felt so important. Some girl like walked by me when I had a cup of water in my hand, and like, bumped into me, and I spilled it on myself, and she didn't look back and apologie or anything. So I was like "Bitch." It was so funny, I was being so nice to the people in line, like telling them which line is which for cinsun merch and signing, and then i totally like flip my mood and give this girl this glare. It was cool though, whatever. Chris and Nicole, and the rest of them met Craig, and got pictures :D Haha. And then we went to see Underoath and i was serenaded. That was my warped. There are obviously many details untold, because it was an eleven hour experience. I had alot of fun. Then we went to Kate's and swam for a little. I was too tired to stay in for too long. Me and Jamie went out front, and like, laid in the grass on her blanket. We were having a really good talk. I enjoyed it while it lasted, ahahaha. At 11:00 Chris took us home, and like, I was beeeeeat. That's the end of this story, I'm so tired, and my body hurtssss man. I only got 9 hours of sleep. I tried going back to sleep, but couldn't. So whatever, haha.

    In conclusion, I had ALOT of fun, I love my friends, and warped 07 turned out to be incredible.

  • Top 15

    Jul 23 2007, 2h39

    01. The Blood Brothers
    First Song Heard: The Salesman, Denver Max
    Song That Made You Fall in Love: Denver Max, I suppose.
    Current Fave: Um, right now, USA nails lyrics, and Teen Heat.

    02. Chiodos
    First Song Heard: Prelude
    Song That Made You Fall in Love: None of them, I fucking hated them when I first heard them.
    Current Fave: Uh, I can't say, haha. Some "song"

    03. The Stiletto Formal
    First Song Heard: Murder At the Stiletto Formal
    Song That Made You Fall in Love: ^^ That one.
    Current Fave: Black Tar Concubine.

    04. Portugal. The Man
    First Song Heard: I dunno.
    Song That Made You Fall in Love: I don't know, haha.
    Current Fave: Um, The Bottom.

    05. Lydia
    First Song Heard: I don't know that either.
    Song That Made You Fall in Love: Always Move Fast<3
    Current Fave: Um, December, probably.

    06. Neon Blonde
    First Song Heard: I don't remember
    Song That Made You Fall in Love: I don't remember, haha.
    Current Fave: Dead Mellotron.

    07. Be Your Own Pet
    First Song Heard: Adventure
    Song That Made You Fall in Love: Adventure
    Current Fave: Um, Bog?

    08. Celebrationnnn!
    First Song Heard: Not sure, saw them live.
    Song That Made You Fall in Love: I don't know, Katrina's stage presence got me to fall in love.
    Current Fave: Holiday.

    09. Hellogoodbye
    First Song Heard: Noo idea, it was so long ago.
    Song That Made You Fall in Love: I don't know.
    Current Fave: I haven't listened to them in a whileee, I don't have one really.

    10. Caecelia
    First Song Heard: 20 Gauge Facelift?
    Song That Made You Fall in Love: I don't know.
    Current Fave: The Balcony Scene.

    11. The Spill Canvas
    First Song Heard: I don't remember that either.
    Song That Made You Fall in Love: Probably something off of Sunsets and Carcrashes.
    Current Fave: So Much.

    12. The Fall of Troy
    First Song Heard: I don't know.
    Song That Made You Fall in Love: I Just Got This Symphony Goin'
    Current Fave: I Just Got This Symphony Goin', haha.

    13. Cute Is What We Aim For
    First Song Heard: I don't know, saw them live.
    Song That Made You Fall in Love: ^^
    Current Fave: I haven't listened to them much lately either, I don't really have a favorite. Or like them much, since they got so fucked by ramen.

    14. Pierce The Veil<3
    First Song Heard: Currents Convulse
    Song That Made You Fall in Love: ^^
    Current Fave: Wonderless<3

    15. Secondhand Serenade
    First Song Heard: Awake
    Song That Made You Fall in Love: Awake
    Current Fave: Awake.
  • A cool little survey.

    Jun 29 2007, 5h53

    Damn I'm bored.

    Name your top ten artists on

    1. The Blood Brothers
    2. Chiodos
    3. The Stiletto Formal
    4. Portugal. The Man
    5. Lydia
    6. Neon Blonde
    7. Be Your Own Pet
    8. Hellogoodbye
    9. Caecelia

    How many times have you listened to number one?
    Since I started last f.m., 7,888 times.

    Is this your favorite artist?
    yeah baby :D

    What got you into number one?
    Kori was like "You have to listen to this band!", and she sent me The Salesman, Denver Max, and I fell in love.

    Why the hell have you listened to that so much?
    haha, probably because I have so much material to listen to.

    Favorite songs of number one.
    I don't have a favorite, but Cecilia and the Silhouette Saloon is one of their bests.

    Something you think you'd thoroughly enjoy doing with the artist?
    Ahahahahaha, uh. Haha.

    Favorite memory of the artist?
    Meeting Johnny, haha. And Jordan. I was so nervous talking to johnny, haha. God. I'd like to see Jordan again, or give Johnny a hug. Or meet Morgan.

    How many times listened to number two?
    (Chiodos)1,881 times

    What got you into them?
    I heard they were good, and downloaded their cd at sam's, and HATED THEM for a few months, haha. Then somehow I started to REALLY like them.

    What makes you like them so much?
    I have no idea, haha. They're just so good.

    Favorite songs
    Hmmm, I don't think I have a favorite.

    Favorite memory of artist?
    Waiting in line for like 8 hours to be in front, haha.

    How many times have you listened to number three?
    (The Stiletto Formal)1,485.

    Would you pay thirty dollars to see them in concert?
    uh, I'm not sure, haha. I REALLY want to see them, but I'd probably just wait.

    How many times have you listened to four?
    (Portugal. The Man)1,409

    Would you go fishing with them?
    Haha, definetely.

    Any particular emotions run through you when you listen?
    I don't know?

    What songs you like best?
    The Devil, I think.

    How many times have you listened to five?

    What's so intriguing about them?
    God damn those lyrics. Fuck dude! Like, they should really write a love story/ movie. They're sounds and lyrics are just so perfect. They're so good<3

    Could you imagine them in a circus?

    How many times for six?
    (Neon Blonde) 1,282

    How many 3’s in a <3333333 would you give them and why?
    I don't know, just one.

    How many times for 7?

    I hear 7 is a magical number, is this band magical?
    yes, they are :D

    What are some of your favorite songs and what memories are attached to them?
    Fuck dudeee, favorite song is probably fuuuuuun, and adventure. And memory, is their fucking BAD ASS show at the church. Fuck dude. They fucking kicked ass!

    How many times for eight?
    (HGB) 1,017

    How long have you liked this artist?
    Like 2 years?

    What are some songs you like/why?
    i don't really know anymore, I haven't listened to them in a whileeeee.

    Poor nine and ten, how many times you listened to them?
    (Caecelia)926/(Celebration) 902

    Why have them as number nine and ten, where is the loveeee?
    They haveee love, haha.

    How long have you liked them?
    Caecelia, since last year. Celebration since nov. 10th when they opened for the blood brothers :D

    What are the poor artists from 11-20?
    The Spill Canvas
    Cute Is What We Aim For
    The Fall of Troy
    Secondhand Serenade
    The Chiodos Bros.
    Nightmare Of You
    Hidden in Plain View
    Too Sorry For Apologies
    Soiled Doves
    Pierce the Veil (They'll be top 10 eventually)
  • TFOT, baby!

    Jun 3 2007, 5h28

    So the show was alright. I just wish The Fall of Troy had a longer set. It was only like half an hour. The Deftones played for literally like 2 hours. It was cool though I guess. Only 2 bands. TFOT played like 3 new songs and the rest were old :D If you were there I probably asked you if you wanted a TFOT sampler cause me and Brit handed them to tons of people. Oh yeah, I met this girl Brit who helped, she was cool. And her friends helped Brit. I enjoyed the company :D haha. Anyway, to the point. The show was good. TFOT kicked ass. And I knew one Deftones song, cause Kittie covered it. Awesome, eh? I can't believe it's already 12:30. It feels like SAT's weren't this morning. I've been up since 5:55 a.m.

    I'm going to hop in the shower, then beddd.

  • Bamboozle

    Mai 8 2007, 3h54

    Alright, Bamboozle was yesterday, Sunday May 6th. It was cool I guess, until the sun went down. I got up at 6:30, got dressed came online, and Erica picked me up around 8:30, the we went to get Brit. I really enjoyed the ride there, I was in my own world, listening to The Stiletto Formal majority of the time. Their music is really incredible to listen to while being a passenger. It's so beautiful, and like, I got in this zone where I appreciated everything around me and fell in love with the earth. Then we got there, and stood in line to buy tickets. We didn't realize it was the buy tickets line, so we left and found l'entrance. We went to the main stage, and saw Brand New. I made 3 videos of the halves of three songs. Then we went to see The Spill Canvas, which was a HUGE dissapointment because it was only nick playing acoustic. It really honeslty blew, I hated it. Then we saw Lydia<33 Oh man Lydia. I jammed alone because Brit was across the crowd. Fuck I love that band. After that we went to go meet the band. Brit convinced me to wait, so we could actually talk to the band. First we met Mindy, who is amazingly gorgeous. Seriously, she's gorgeous. And then we met Leighton. I really enjoyed that part of the day most. I remember turning around in the crowd and seeing a Johnny look alike, and like freaked for a second. Then looked back again, and realized it wasn't him, haha. I felt so creepy, cause I like gasped when I saw him, haha. Fucking look alikes, there were about 3 or 4. Then we went to see Circa Survive. There was this girl next to me tearing up, and I felt really terrible, cause I was all about being friends with everyone yesterday. I looked at her and was like "Awwww, are you alright" And she said yeah, and I said "Are you sure? You look like you're about to cry", and she said No, I'm fine. Then I asked if I could give her a hug, and she kept saying no, but not like a creeped out no, it was like, a she didn't trust me no, or didn't know what I was going to do. Finally she hugged me, and I brightened her day up so much. I think anyway, cause she was like laughing and wiping her eyes. It felt good. I love making people feel better. Then I started talking to Brit about how Young Love and how they belong in the 80's, then I started saying how I wish I lived in the 60's and how I think everyone is so lost. I really think the human race is so lost, I think no one has any idea with what to do with themselves. Maybe we've lost something. I bolded that because I want people to see that, haha. Anyway, me and Erica decided to get out of the Circa crowd because it was so insane, haha. And we just didn't feel like being in it. So we sat and watched and I sang some. Then we saw Armor for Sleep :D. After The Spill Canvas, we went out a wrong door, and I walked passed Ben, but didn't stop him because I just didn't feel I should have. After Armor's awesome performance, and saw Don Vito! You had to buy a DVD to meet him, but we didn't, so I took a picture and a video of him. It was so weird actually seeing him in preson, haha. Then we went and ate in the stadium! Amanda got me a chicken cheesesteak, cause I spent all my money on 3.25 waters. This cheesesteak sucked, it was the size of a hamburger and it was 5.25, haha. But the spicy mustard I got was fucing awesome. We ate in the stadium seats and headed back out to Bamboozle. I saw Raquel Reed, and like threw my hand in the air like "Hey you're Raquel!" and just kept walking, haha.

    Interlude pt. 1

    I guess I'll start off with this. Technically Taking Back Sunday did nothing, but I'm using fate and ill-logic to blame them. Here it goes...

    So it was 6:00. I was with my friend Brit and Erica, and Amanda. Brit and Erica were going to see Thrice at 6:15, and Amanda and I were going to see Silverstein at 6:20. However, we never parted, and decided to see Thrice so we cuold be close for Taking Back Sunday. Biggest Mistake ever, haha. There were 62,000 people at Bamboozle yesterday, I have no idea how many of them were seeing TBS, but just imagine. So were like 4-5 rows of people from the barriers, and I look back and see a sea of humanity. A few seconds later, we're squished like sardines because TBS is walking out on stage. They start playing, and people start freaking out. Alot of people were about to pass out, and the only way out was crowdsurfing, or getting lifted out. So I was getting really angry cause there were all these girls I had to help out (with other people), but these crowdsurfers (most doing it for fun) were knocking the girls/ people who needed to get out down. And Taking Back Sunday didn't stop playing. They saw there were problems with the crowd surfers cause the security guards were flipping out telling people to stop, people needed to get out, and Taking Back Sunday kept on playing. They could have taken 5 seconds to tell them to stop, because that crowd was so dangerous. Back to some sort of point. So, it was me and Amanda. Brit and Erica got separated from us during Thrice. All the sudden Amanda dissapears and Erica appears. About 5 minutes later, I see Amanda going over my head cause she has to get out, then Erica goes. Then about 10 minutes later I decide I have to get out. So I get out, and expect to see everyone waiting for me on the side of the stage, where the crowdsurfers go. No one was there, and me being cellphoneless just wander. I wandered for about 10 minutes, and then Weird Al came on. So I just stood and watched him. It's a good thing I did, because he made me feel alot better. After he was done, I decided I'd go out to this meeting point in the parking lot during Linkin Park. I sit there for an hour and a half expecting them to show up, but they're idiots and never come out. So I finally decide to ask these weird girls if I could use their phone, call Brit, then finally meet up with them 20 minutes later. It was so fucking cold out last night, and that was one of the worst 2 hours of my life. And I find out that when Amanda was crowd surfing out, she lost her bag, which had my camera in it.

    So why are you blaming TBS for anything, Eddie?

    Alright, if I would have seen Silverstein, we wouldn't have had this problem. Wanting to be up close caused it. They didn't tell the crowdsurfers to chill out. They caused me to be alone for 2 hours, when I'm miles away from home, and I just hate them now. People in the front of the crowd were saying stop playing, and I got really pissed off and starting punching the shit out of some crowdsurfer and starting yelling fuck you to Adam. I hate them now for some reason, I really do. On my way walking in front of the barrier I walked by the guitarist and yelled fuck you to him and gave him the finger. I was just really angry. Cause it's strenous supporting so many people going over your head, and trying to save girls who are on the verge of passing out at the same time. Good thing I'm not a superhero ;)

    Interlude pt.2

    The ride home was entertaining. I really enjoyed it, haha. i had this danish and it was so good, cause like, I was dying of hunger after such a long day. Erica's mom is probably one of the best people to go on long car rides with, she makes it so much more fun than it would be. I got home at 2:20 and went right to bed, I was so exhausted. I slept til 12 and that's really it. I'll update this if I get my camera back with a few pictures and videos.

    What a story. Fuck Bamboozle unless there's bands worth seeing.
  • Top 10

    Abr 30 2007, 5h56

    Why do I do thiss?!

    Name your top 10 most played bands on

    1) The Blood Brothers
    2) Chiodos
    3) Lydia
    4) Neon Blonde
    5) Be Your Own Pet
    6) The Stiletto Formal
    7) Hellogoodbye
    8) Caecelia
    9) The Spill Canvas
    10)Portugal. The Man

    Now answer the questions according to the numbers:

    1. What was the first song you ever heard by 6
    Uhh, Murder at the Stiletto Formal?

    2. What is your favourite album of 2?
    All's Well That End's Well.

    3. What is your favourite lyric that 4 has sung?
    I don't have a favorite. :D

    4. How many times have you seen 6 live?
    None, they don't come to the East coast very often, haha.

    5. What is your favourite song by 7?
    I don't even know, I haven't listen to Hellogoodbye in months. Why are they even on my top 10, haha.

    6. What is a good memory you have considering the music of 10?
    The show, it was so fun.

    7. Is there a song of 3 that makes you sad?
    Not sad, but like, I get that feeling, haha.

    8. What is your favourite lyric that 2 has sung?
    I don't have favorite lyrics.

    9. What is your favourite song by 9?
    Probably like, Charcoal Grey Above, or The Tide.

    10. How did you get in to 3?
    The Stiletto Formal's top 8, haha.

    11. What was the first song you heard by 1?
    The Salesman, Denver Max.

    12. What is your favourite song by 4?
    I don't really have one, cause it always changes. Currently it's probably Crystal Beaches.

    13. How many times have you seen 9 live?
    Once, a year and a few months ago.

    14. What is a good memory you have concerning 2?
    Waiting in line for like 7 hours.

    15. Is there a song of 8 that makes you sad?
    Caecelia isn't sad.

    16. What is your favourite album of 5?
    Their Self-titled.

    17. What is your favourite lyric that 3 has sung?

    18. What is your favourite song of 1?
    I can't answer that.

    19. What is your favourite song of 10?
    Gold fronts or Chicago.

    20. How many times have you seen 1 live?

    21. What is your favourite album of 8?
    They just have an EP. So that.

    22. What is a great memory you have considering 6?
    None really. When Liz surprised me with a shirt and a signed poster, cause I missed Warped.

    23. What was the first song you heard by 7?
    Um, I don't know. Lust A Prima Vista?