• Space Pop

    Mar 5 2010, 23h34

    While looking to fit a genre, we determined the most viable demographic had yet to be fully defined. Hence the term Space Pop. Created from the use of new sounds in progressive fashions. The leader of this genre being first and foremost David Bowie. Please take a moment and visit our Group Page here Space Pop. The more members we get, the quicker we can establish Space Pop as a viable tag! Thank you!
  • A Thank You for my Listeners!

    Fev 25 2010, 23h51

    Thank you all who have taken the time to leave feedback! More consideration is granted towards those than you know! After all, we are in this together. If a tree falls in the woods,... if a musician plays to the air,... Alas, it is the same. Without listeners, we are nothing. Lots of love to you all! Baya Michaelson
  • Thank you

    Fev 7 2010, 11h11 is a great tool for collecting demographics and for finding new listeners. As a small entity and for corporate interests, well, it is a massive boost I would say for the industry overall.

    Though very new to, I look forward to their future success.