The 10 Ultimate Norwegian Black Metals


Mar 8 2012, 20h50

What you see is what you expect. My 10 personal favourite acts with a song for each in reverse chronological order. Whatever!

10 Zyklon-B
To start the countdown, something with less substance yet such stellar quality (Samoth, Ihsahn, Aldrahn & Frost!) and merciless altitude it cannot be omitted. Their only 3-track EP was also the first thing I ever saw the NEVER STOP THE MADNESS label on

9 Darkthrone
Lately more punk than black metal Fenriz's attitude still owns everyone up there. More credit for Isengard, Storm and the rest of the lot. Here is a fundamentally quintessential tune with lyrics by Varg Vikernes

8 Burzum
Yes! Whatever you do is bound to be legend. <3

7 Kvist
These fvckers were the pick of the crop back in the day and would undoubtedly have soared much higher were it not for their meager discography... Damn, this gets me "depressed" everytime I give thought to it, so just this

6 Thorns
Jesus... what a mindjob. I'll skip melting into this. Scarce recording-wise, but absolutely cosmic and essential

5 Limbonic Art
Prolific is obviously the wrong word here, so I'll go with relentless, in delivering the finest in post-symphonic apocalyptic grandeur for over a decade. It's been a maelstrom, and one that, contrary to many, seems to keep growing ever fiercer

4 Immortal
Teh nebular ravenmasters over all that became wintry and cliche beyond them. Often challenged, never beasted

3 Mysticum
Despite only one album and two more tracks they do deserve this ridiculously high spot as the founders and forefathers of the tag. Cult

2 Emperor
Being not that familiar with the final albums I deem their first few releases a sufficient input to earn the second brightest star in the diadem of whatever. Btw, love such youtubes

1 Satyricon
To me the music of Satyr and Frost is the ultimate kingdom come, and Mother North is the ultimate Norsk bm anthem. Period



  • kants

    he he, es pat 4 zinu!

    Mar 8 2012, 21h21
  • kants

    emeperors reklāmē mersedesu :)

    Mar 8 2012, 21h23
  • nefolk

    Haha, indeed.

    Mar 8 2012, 21h35
  • zch

    Black metal, God's rock'n'roll!

    Mar 8 2012, 21h51
  • evebanger666

    haha Satyricon is No.1, normally I would disagree, but when it comes to Mother North, yes!

    Mar 24 2012, 18h37
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