mary Fahl @ Tin Angel


Out 16 2011, 6h05

Dinner was good, The Tuna tartar was very good I liked the heat of the cayanne, and the addition of the truffle oil but I suggested it needed acid either lemon or blood orange. The kobie burger was good & so was the Cocovan & strawberry mouse.
Mary’s concert was excellent. She has a wonderful sense of humor.

She sang songs from her old band “October Project”, and a song she was inspired while shop-vacing her mothers basement, which I really liked.
She also sang a Aria in Italian which was very pretty.
In addition to a song I must have, Arabic,Spanish, Moorish? inspired, which was absolutely beautiful. (note: I must have this)
She sang “Brain Damage” and “Eclipse” which I think she does incredibly well from her new digital album.
I gave her a hug and now have a signed CD version of “From Dark Side of the Moon”. :)
I ask if she would make a CD of Arias? … so hopefully we will see
Excellent concert!


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