Mar 18 2012, 17h57

Honestly, I love every album, but if I had to choose, my favorites would be:

Summer in Abaddon
Autumn Of The Seraphs
Arrive Having Eaten (EP)
Too Many Shadows (EP)

Blue Screen Life is great, but I generally end up falling asleep when I listen to it for too long. The songs I would consider calming would definitely include: Grey Machine, June, Bloods on Fire, Tres, Forced Motion, Byzantine, Your Sickness, BBtone, Hohum, Sender, and Soaked. So beautiful and moving, yet calm enough to drift you off to sleep.

My favorite tracks (from various albums/EPs) would be: Forced Motion, Photograph Taken, Anti-Hu, Devil You Know, This Red Book, AFK, Sender, Bloods on Fire, Bouquet, Clemenceau, Loro, Tres, Barnes, Charborg, Lyon, and June.

I enjoy the new stuff they've released recently (Information Retrieved, Part A and Part B).

I just love the style of Pinback so much, I don't know what it is, but to me, they're a glorious, amazing band.

If I ever get tickets to a Pinback show, i'll be crying. A lot.


  • strawberryffuck

    Recently took a roadtrip and the best way to travel is with some Pinback blasting in the stereo with some mountain scenery and some weed. Great time!

    Jul 23 2012, 6h25
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