Finally... graduated


Dez 31 2006, 17h12

Like the title... Finally I graduated!!

Ten days ago I discussed my Master degree thesis in Computer Engineering; I'm writing about it only now cause I relaxed all time in these days... and, moreover, it's Christmas time, so parents, grandparents... you know!!

In few days I'll upload one copy of it, meanwhile this is the title:
Multi-robot collaborative localization through Monte Carlo filters
so if someone is interested...

I developed this thesis in one year of hard work, cause meanwhile I worked for an IT company, so I could study only in late evenings and night... sigh!!

However, these are the artists that I often listened in the final stage of the thesis... "the writing", using a new Macbook!! (all days, from 22 to 3 of the morning...):

So, now I've another week (or two) of relax and then I'll re-start to work... in a different IT company. It hopes well...

Happy new year to all.


  • JaimeChiens


    Dez 31 2006, 17h20
  • napoleone1981

    If someone wants to see some photo... PicasaWeb

    Jan 1 2007, 16h52
  • Ufan

    congrats, too! I graduated in summer of `06, so I still remember the feeling... just great :D

    Jan 9 2007, 12h11
  • Emanuele81

    Really do you have studied every night??? I can believe it! i just think that you want not come out with us!! :-D this thesis in one year of hard work ahahaahaahahaaha do you want to kill me? ahahhaahahahaa :-D

    Jan 10 2007, 15h06
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