• My Post-Reunion GBV Playlist

    Jun 8 2014, 5h52

    I made my own album out of the best of (in my opinion) the first four post-reunion Guided By Voices albums: Let's Go Eat the Factory, Class Clown Spots a UFO, The Bears For Lunch, and English Little League. I may have missed a couple of great songs, but I was focusing on variety as well as flow. And try to capture that classic GBV feel as best as I could.

    Anyway, listen to this! I think it flows really well. I like listening to this playlist more than any of the individual albums.

    1. Reflections In A Metal Whistle
    2. Billy Wire
    3. Worm with 7 Broken Hearts
    4. The Quiet Game
    5. She Lives In An Airport
    6. My Europa
    7. Forever Until It Breaks
    8. Chocolate Boy
    9. The Room Taking Shape
    10. Spiderfighter
    11. You Can Fly Anything Right
    12. Keep It In Motion
    13. The Challenge is Much More
    14. Either Nelson
    15. Up Instead of Running
    16. Doughnut for a Snowman
    17. All of This Will Go
    18. Biographer Seahorse
    19. The Military School Dance Dismissal
    20. White Flag
    21. Go Rolling Home
    22. Smoggy Boy

    Feedback would be appreciated. I'm interested if you think there should be subtle changes to this, or if you have a completely different list.