• Defenders of the Faith II (14/02/09)

    Fev 15 2009, 11h10

    Sat 14 Feb – Defenders Of The Faith 2

    Energising performances from Five Finger Death Punch and Unearth to get England's "redneck" crowd warmed for black metal Gods Dimmu Borgir, who in their typical style, delivered an pumping performance complete with smoke, panda faces, bleeding eyes, armour and spikes, not to mention a thundering set. The headlining band Lamb of God followed with their own breed of heavy ****ing metal, playing both songs from their past and new tracks such as "set to fail" and "contractor" from their new album Wrath. Mosh pits, circle pits, crowd surfing, Lamb of God's infamous "Wall of Death" combined with such awesome music made this a truly amazing gig!!

    Lamb of God - Send the Wrath of God