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Abr 18 2011, 23h39

Antoine C. Smith, born Aug. 1, 1992 (BMI member) is a jazz and other genres composer, drummer, keyboardist, singer, rapper, and producer. The 6’1” underrated artist has produced 11 jazz fusion albums from age 15. In 2008 by age 18, his 6th album “All That Jazz” got him signed under an independent label Turn On Records (a subsidiary of EROICA who is a leading classical recording major label.)

Smith’s jazz uniquely allures his fans by “creating melodic journeys that soothes the mind." He distinctively entices a “wine and cheese” plateau atmosphere with his therapeutic grooves. His professional background proves he is a hard working songwriter by saying...“he writes everyday.”

His compositions are formulated from jazz/world/pop/j-pop/rhythm & blues/rap/hip-hop and nu-jazz. Pseudo names for his rap and hip-hop: DJ Night Writer and Cleveland Milez. Smith’s rap/hip-hop, and rhythm & blues is popular for his originals and remakes on Youtube that many local and indie rappers frequently use for their mix-tapes. His influences: Chris Botti, Hiroshima, Paul Hardcastle, The Rippingtons, Miles, Coltrane, The Runners, Cool And Dre, Drumma Boy, Justice League, KanYe West, et al.

Smith was brought up in the neighborhoods of Cleveland, Ohio to his mother, a computer teacher and free-lance writer was once married to his father that were both musicians, singers, and songwriters. Much of his musical influence came from his mother’s free artistic environment surrounded by his brother that is also a songwriter. During his school days, he played many drum instruments: quad, tenor, snare, bass drum, drum-set, and conga. Smith was also known to participate in sports in his school, as well as, his community: football, basketball, softball, track, and cross-country.

As a child, Smith once dabbled on the piano at his late grandfather’s (a reverend, radio minister, singer, rhythm guitarist, organist, and pianist) church. Listening to Smith’s radio interviews on Blog Talk Radio, he tells a story..."when his grandfather passed, a keyboard was delivered a day after the funeral. The story unfolds that his grandfather ordered the keyboard before his passing to have it especially delivered to Smith. According to Smith’s full story, it was his brother that played the keyboard which threw him into shock that his grandfather may had known his future. But by Smith being very young at the age of 6 years old and caught up in his grandfather’s death, eventually later, Smith decided at the age of 14 years old to become a songwriter.”

Late 2000‘s, Smith entered in several songwriting contests: In 2011 UK's Top 5 Finalists in The Peoples Music Awards (TPMA), Best Male Solo Artist & Dance/Electronica for his unreleased track “City In The Sea." In 2010 UK's Top 5 Finalists, Best Male Solo Artist for his track, “Mythical" in TPMA. In 2009 (runner up) Song of the Year for his track "City In The Sea." In 2009, Smith won 1st Place in the Pro Soul Alliance next great indie artist contest. His winning track “Emotional Explosion” won Canadian hearts by saying..."blew the team at Pro Soul away – there is no doubt this talented young man is an up and coming music sensation for his generation.”

Also in 2009, Smith became a very well-known artist with over 30 + raving interviews on Blog Talk Radio. As a spin-off, he launched his own internet radio station, Antoine Smith aka DJ Night Writer Show on Blog Talk Radio to showcase his jazz compositions. To rap it up, Smith was written in Eroica 2010 Catalogue for History of Records for his release, “All That Jazz.”

Smith's music is located on popular national and international sites: Youtube, Myspace, Reverbnation, Amazon, Emusic, iTunes, Artistdirect, Bestbuy, Rhapsody, Lulu, Wantitall, Yahoo Music,, CD universe, CDbaby, Twitter, Facebook, et al.

Antoine Smith


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