• Lawnmower3000

    That trip is so big I think you can call it, Alicia's Sydney Summer Festival or something to that nature. I mean the review spans two pages! You survived the week, hit all the events and lived to tell the tail, I take my hat of to you madame. I wouldn't mind seeing the Killers at BDO, but that would require me being in a mosh pit and I don't mosh. Mr Brightside is one of the few tracks I know the whole lyrics. Unfortunately at events only a few people join in a sing along. I think Heavyweight Hill play at Rise a few months back, so he might come back here. At SummaDayze, Fedde Le Grande – Put Your Hands Up For Detroit was so overplayed I no longer Love this City.

    Jan 31 2007, 6h20
  • mysterious261

    As much as I hate to agree with KarlSav, beginning to get sick of Put Your Hands Up For Detroit - but at least Klaus dropped in the remix of it, much better ;)

    Fev 2 2007, 5h21
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