• Long Drive Mixtape, v1

    Jun 11 2007, 16h47

    So I've decided to try to put together a damn fine mixtape (dating myself with that one) of songs for a long drive at night. I've debated what this means exactly, and have come up with the following criteria:

    -- No songs over ten minutes.
    -- Should fit the "mood". Not necessarily depressing, but in the frame of mind for a long drive alone at night. With or without a particular destination.
    -- No more than one song per artist. It's a mixtape, after all ;)
    -- Playlist has to fit on a CD (so, under 80 minutes, bub!)

    So here's what I've come up with:

    1) Little Wing by Stevie Ray Vaughan
    2) Fake Plastic Trees by Radiohead
    3) Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away) (Acoustic) by Deftones
    4) The Night by Morphine
    5) Gravity Rides Everything by Modest Mouse
    6) Squarepusher Theme by Squarepusher
    7) Square One by Tom Petty
    8) Bob Dylan's 49th Beard by Wilco
    9) Sand (Eric's Trip) by The Microphones
    10) Tonight by Low
    11) John McLaughlin by Miles Davis
    12) Pink Moon by Nick Drake
    13) Without Rings by Neil Young
    14) Roads by Portishead
    15) new year's eve by Golden Birds
    16) Summer - Overture by Clint Mansell
    17) Love Love Love by The Mountain Goats
    18) Drive by The Cars
    19) Leaving Hope by Nine Inch Nails
    20) Indifference by Pearl Jam

    I'm gonna "road test" this set this weekend, but I'm curious as to other people's thoughts and lists like this. Drop me a line if you end up trying a mixtape like this!

    Thoughts by Track:
    1) What a great driving tune. This made the list before I even thought of a list.
    2) Thom's vocals make this a great, haunting tune. I like it even more after SRV.
    3) Gotta be the acoustic version for this mix. This is a progression of vocals from none->ethereal->strained :)
    4) ...and finally, ending with Sandman's Baritone. I had to also pick this cuz it works so well as a night driving tune.
    5) This song makes me think of driving with the top down on an empty road, so it had to be included.
    6) Included to kick some life into the mix after all those ethereal slow songs :)
    7) Tough pick for Tom Petty songs, but this one just "fits" with the driving to get some where.
    8) Couldn't resist throwing Wilco after Petty, and this is a great night driving song. Done.
    9) Just liked the way Track 8 and 9 blended sonically.
    10) I guess I'm seeing my theme with this mix. Melodic and slow...
    11) ...or maybe not :) Really wanted Bitches Brew on here but it woulda taken 1/4 of the CD.
    12) Pink Moon is the ultimate night driving song. This falls under "knew it was on the list before there was a list" category.
    13) Another tough pick for this artist. One of many that could have been picked.
    14) Obvious choice based on title alone :) The song stands up though.
    15) The first time I heard this song it just felt like a nighttime song. You know what I mean. Fantastic cut, works great after Roads too.
    16) You might know this as the theme to "Requiem for a Dream". Moving on...
    17) I thought a reflective song worked well after #16.
    18) Obvious choice :)
    19) Another tough choice. But a great mellow, if not melancholy, song to wind down to.
    20) This HAD to be the last track. Just like #1 had to be first...
  • Since we can't track vinyl...

    Mai 29 2007, 18h49

    I've been listening to the Matt Skiba and Kevin Seconds split LP a lot lately. I can ( and do ) routinely pull that record out every few months. Fantastico.