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Jun 17 2010, 18h37

Tue 15 Jun – Tegan and Sara

Due to a delay in purchasing my tickets I ended up in the Circle of the Concert Hall. Luckily the venue isn't all that big, so I never felt too far from the stage - just pretty high. Provided a better view than most gigs I go to, seeing as I'm quite short.

First out came Oliver Cole to give an acoustic session by himself, with a number of moans that the band never turned up (I still can't tell if this was a joke, or if they just decided to do a no-show...). Oliver did a great job of holding the fort by himself anyway. He had a great personality and it was fun listening to music and anecdotes. I loved the joke about feeling "left of centre" and his story about the song We Albatri. My favourite song of the session was actually the song by his former band Turn. I can't remember what it was, but I plan to check out some tunes from this band I hadn't heard of before.

After a short interlude Tegan and Sara took to the stage with their 3-strong band. They immediately kicked off with a few whopping tunes before having a bit of a chat with the crowd. Again their chat between the songs was just as entertaining as the actual music itself. Honestly I went into this gig being a big fan of the So Jealous album (along with a handful of other songs), but I left the gig as a huge Tegan and Sara fan. There wasn't one filler song in the whole set, every one was top class, even when mistakes were made in a few songs by Tegan it just added to the entertainment. Most of this is due to the attitudes of both girls. The kind of people you couldn't not like. Incidents Involved an inflatable crocodile, fantastic drum solo, a number of items thrown on stage, plus talk of this fantastic Canadian beverage made of carrots and ginger, can't remember the name... Songs that stood out on the night were memories that Walking With The Ghost had first arose my interest in the band several years ago, finishing off the show with Living Room which is my favourite tune (though can't say I was the biggest fan of the version played) and finding a new love of Back in Your Head. Honestly, I was needing the toilet about halfway through the show (damn beer), waited for a lull in the entertainment to go, but still didn't get an opportunity until fit to bursting in the break before the encore. Could have been embarrassing.

I can't actually remember the last gig I went to that has left me so satisfied. Makes me want to move to Canada! Another important factor in this was the crowd. The crowd had a great reaction and ambiance to what was going on on-stage. I'm already looking forward to the next gig!


  • Suiceene

    I have to agree with you on Tegan and Sara converting me to a believer with their live performance. Before the gig I had listened to most of the albums a couple of times and while I had thought they were good it wasn't until I saw them live that I really began to listen and really enjoy the music and became a real fan of theirs. As much as the music I also enjoyed getting to know the two of them- a perfect mix of performance and personality. I think this is the set list they played if anyone is interested (It actually isn't mine- my memory isn't that good for song names but I think its about right) The Ocean On Directing The Cure Aligator Red Belt You Wouldn't Like Me I Bet It Stung The Con Where Does The Good Go Speak Slow Nineteen Walking With A Ghost So Jealous Like O, Like H Night Watch Don't Rush Northshore Hop A Plane Hell Sentimental Tune Back In YOur Head Dark Come Soon Call It Off Living Room But yeah I don't think I noticed it at the time- but I wonder if the plastic crocodile that Tegan wore was thrown during Alligator? It would suddenly make a lot of sense. My favourite songs would probably have been So Jealous, Like O, Like H and You wouldn't like me, but then there wasn't really a poor song in the gig. I wish I could remember the song where Tegan promised she would mess it up though and had the big drum solo. I guess that Heineken really should have been a Guinness in the end? Sorry about that. Darn Danish beers.

    Jul 6 2010, 13h12
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