Yay! I got the Linux version working!


Ago 8 2006, 20h09

To compile the src do the following:

1. svn co svn://svn.audioscrobbler.net/LastFM_client/trunk/
2. cd trunk
3. Be sure to run qt4 instead of qt3:
qt-config qt4
4. change from line 193 in trunk/src/rtaudioplayback/rtaudioplayback.cpp

api = RtAudio::LINUX_ALSA;
api = RtAudio::LINUX_OSS;

5. Run qmake. Change the paths to suit your system, mine are as follows: qmake QTDIR=/opt/qt4 QMAKE_UIC=/opt/qt4/bin/uic QMAKE_MOC=/opt/qt4/bin/moc CONFIG+=release
6. make
7. cd bin
8. ./lastfm.sh

Enjoy scrobbling! =D


  • machamr

    I still don't get it to work. (Kubuntu)I've installed about every QT/KDE devel program, but I still don't have the qt-config program. I have got a qtconfig program (without the dash), but that is something totaly different. With qtconfig you can change the appearance of qt windows. The README files which is in the trunk dir said I should run ./configure, but that script doesn't exist. Anyone got any hint for me ?

    Set 16 2006, 19h55
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