Any International Baccalaureate students out there? Join the IB group


Dez 14 2005, 14h05

If there are any current or former International Baccalaureate (IB) students out there in Audioscobbler land then come and join the IB group.

The best place to complain/sing the praises of the IBO on

Talk about your life as an IBer or get advice from people who have run the gauntlet before (I'm class of '04 myself).

Alternatively share your opinions of the best music to kick back to and leave work behind for a while.

Join and I'll add your top artist(s) and countries etc. to the connections list.


  • exclusionary

    Although I'm not sure exactly how I stumbled upon the group, I am happy that I did and I have joined. It's always nice to meet fellow IBers.

    Dez 22 2005, 4h46
  • muller_00

    Welcome aboard.

    Dez 22 2005, 17h50
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