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  • Jambi727

    Tool is magnificent! lol

    31 Ago 5h53 Responder
  • Jambi727

    Fine and you? Where you from in Estonia?

    17 Ago 2h57 Responder
  • Jambi727

    Thanks for accepting.

    14 Ago 23h36 Responder
  • ZigaMan1984

    Yea,that really cool)I found it few month ago,strong and power music!

    26 Jun 18h38 Responder
  • elaenastark

    Thank you! You too. :)

    9 Jun 21h34 Responder
  • Aurwandil

    That's great, good luck!

    3 Abr 5h41 Responder
  • Aurwandil

    This is very goodl stuff, such a cool vibe, I really like Among the leech and Elder's eyes, do you play live with them?

    24 Mar 6h12 Responder
  • Aurwandil

    What a coincidence xD that sounds great, good luck, and let me know when your band release the debut so I can check it out

    8 Mar 16h46 Responder
  • Aurwandil

    Yeah you have mentioned that you're a musician, that's so great! really, I think music is one of the greatest things in this world and being able to make music is an amazing feat, so you're a bassist, how cool, do you play or have played in a band or group? I can play Guitar and Piano, but I was never able to write or compose anything, but I love it anyway ♡^▽^♡ I just need more dedication and apply myself more >.< my birthday was 02/02/1992, it was just last month :P do you believe in this zodiac stuff? I certainly believe in Zodiac and Astrology

    7 Mar 22h43 Responder
  • Aurwandil

    Sorry I sent you the wrong video, this is Buckethead C:

    26 Fev 16h29 Responder
  • Aurwandil

    when the situation is very bad people get stuck in home, schools close and everything, but most of the time people are so used to snow that everything works normally and people go to their routines normally, but I really love snow, I love winter sports like snowboarding, btw did you watch the winter games? idk even in the city it seems that the air is purer when the place is covered in snow

    26 Fev 16h22 Responder
  • Aurwandil

    I had mone cut when I was a teenager when I was looking for a job, because of the job requeriments, I hated it so much! because I love my hair... I'm just like you when it comes to nature, I always hated the idea of working in an office for example, doing the same things everyday, in the same place for the rest of my life, I always liked the sensation of freedom, you know what I mean? that's why I like outdoor activities so much, and my job is perfect for me in this sense, one aspect that made me chose biology is that I have a huge field of work with many choices, and when I finish my degree I want to travel and try to do something for the world with my skills, make my part you know. That day must have been amazing :O sometimes I like to walk around the city with no one around, so I wake up really early in the morning to have a walk before going to work, like 4 am, it's so calming and seeing the sunrise is amazing, in my country there are snow storms very often

    26 Fev 16h22 Responder
  • Aurwandil

    than any advanced, and complicated to perform, technique, and his music often shows this very well, if you like his music I suggest you listening to his albums 'Electric sea' and 'Shadows between the sky'. Long hair is so cool, I think it's really weird that it became undesirable for boys to have long hair today, because in ancient times, for example when the europeans were pagans, men kept long hair all the time, it's just a matter of cultural aspects, because if we have hair why not let it grow right? if guys weren't supposed to have long hair, their hair wouldn't grow long at all, my brother is a metalhead and when he was in high school people were picking on him because of his long hair too, his hair was so beautiful, blonde reaching his chest, I loved playing with his hair when I was little ^^ they were calling him a "fag" how infantile, bullies in schools always look for a cause to pick on you there's no way to avoid them, you just have to ignore

    26 Fev 16h21 Responder
  • Aurwandil

    Right! I really love this "chillout" type of music, and Trance, these are probably my favorite genres of music, if you want any more recommendations to check out, I suggest Solar Fields, Koan (it's another Koan), Asura, Aes Dana, Androcell, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Connect.Ohm , Cybernetika, Gru, and Zymosis, in lounge I really like Lemongrass, some of my friends said that this album failed to wake the feelings in them that this type of music is supposed to do, but I don't know what they mean I loved it personally, I liked the organic samples of animals and nature, this ambient element fascinates me in any genre of music :) But one artist that always manages to put me in a good mood and wrap me in the atmosphere he's trying to create is Buckethead, (here: do you know him? people are always saying that complicated riffs are a sign of better musicianship, but sometimes simplicity works better

    26 Fev 16h21 Responder
  • james3endeacott

    Certainly. Like urs

    22 Fev 2h31 Responder
  • PurplePostRock

    Awww ;p

    9 Fev 19h09 Responder
  • Aurwandil

    I only played Morrowind and Skyrim, I played Oblivion only a little, but these games are so huge I never could finish any of them, Skyrim isn't that big I'm playing it right now, but the music themes of this series are beautiful, Morrowind is still my favorite, the guy who composed them is a genius, and there's another game which soundtrack is amazing, Neverwinter Nights, it's an oldschool D&D game, my favorite after TES. Don't worry about me really, I don't wanna mess your concentration, good luck with your service!

    6 Fev 11h33 Responder
  • Aurwandil

    Let me ask you, do you like the elder scrolls video game franchise? I noticed that you listen to Oblivion's soundtrack

    4 Fev 0h59 Responder
  • Aurwandil

    Altered State is really good! thanks for the rec, if you have any more recommendations don't be shy :P I like when my friends introduce me to new stuff, speaking of calmer songs, there's one album I just discovered and I'm loving it, it's "Sanctuary EP" by KOAN Sound and Asa, they're electronic music producers from the UK, this album is some sort of chillout electronic music, it's very relaxing, take a listen and see if you like

    4 Fev 0h57 Responder
  • Aurwandil

    You like Djent too :D just recently I got into Djent and Progressive Metalcore, I'm diggin it, my friend showed me some weeks ago, I didn't even know about this genre until that, but since I love atmospheric and progressive Black Metal than automatically I love it too, it's amazing, yeah it's weird for me too, it's like one minute I'm listening to some Brutal Death metal and in the following I'm listening to something calming and soft, and these calming songs are really charming, my fave song from Adam Young is "Brielle" from his project Sky sailing. There's an album I really like which is "Promises" by The Sentient, because they use clean vocals and female vocals in this album, and this isn't very usual in Djent

    2 Fev 21h29 Responder
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Sobre mim

Hi, my name is Joosep Käsper from Tallinn, Estonia. I've always striven to be a successful musician since i was 14. Mainly, i concentrate on playing the bass guitar in various groups such as Liblikas and Oscar Gone Wild. Other times i take time off creating my own pieces with the help of music theory learnt in school. I generally try to delve into numerous specific genres of contemporary music such as Progressive Rock/Metal, Djent (not stating that Djent's a genre), Power/Folk/Thrash/Melodic Death Metal, Math/Post/Noise rock and few more.

So far i have about 10 singles recorded in studios with different bands and a LP by a progressive metal band called Liblikas. Check the LP at:

Feel free to leave me a shout or add me to your friends' list.

mudakukk's top albums (half year) 1. Karnivool - Sound Awake (397)2. TesseracT - Altered State (371)3. TesseracT - One (299)4. Chimp Spanner - At the Dream's Edge (292)5. 植松伸夫 - Final Fantasy VIII Piano Collection (267)6. Matt Uelmen - Diablo II Soundtrack (243)7. Karnivool - Asymmetry (222)8. Uneven Structure - Februus (CD1) (215)9. Corelia - Nostalgia (196)10. Textures - Dualism (174)11. Animals as Leaders - Animals As Leaders (149)12. Tool - 10,000 Days (126)13. The Safety Fire - Mouth of Swords (122)14. Periphery - Periphery (118)15. KOAN Sound & Asa - Sanctuary EP (118)


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