Lyrics with Vagalume player, anyone?


Jul 2 2008, 20h24

Ok, now my proof-of-concept is ready and looks like it kinda works too :) First track it found lyrics for was With My Own Eyes by Sash!.

I couldn't fit the lyrics display on the same page with the artist/track/album information as in original Vagalume, so I had to add a notebook widget and couple of pages there. So now the main page looks like this:

...and lyrics like this:

Track was Everytime You Need Me.

Lyrics are now fetched only from lyricwiki, and you can see the lyrics for that song from this link.

The code is available here (about 833kB), but a word of warning: it's a hack, not tested at all and absolutely won't be released in Vagalume or anywhere else in this condition :) It will also probably eat your babies, cause a drop in productivity and be harmfull in many other ways, so be warned. If you download it and try it, then you are responsible of what will or won't happen :)

Brave souls can have Debian packages compiled for
Ubuntu 8.04 or Nokia N810 Internet Tablet, only on request. Send comment to this post or ask in vagalume-devel mailinglist.

Good time to ask, does anyone know a C-library that fetches lyrics? I didn't found anything, all players that fetch lyrics use some kind of plugin and looks like they are done with Python or other interpreted languages. If nothing exists, then maybe I'll convert this to a proper lib.

Great, lyrics were found also for La Grange by ZZ Top, one of the greatest songs I know :)
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  • Frostisdequelos

    > Great, lyrics were found also for PlayLa Grange by ZZ Top, one > of the greatest songs I know :) I can't agree more with you! :-) BTW, nice proof-of-concept. I've been waiting since the launching of vagalume 0.4 for a notebook widget with lyrics in one page, and it look more or less like this in mi mind. So, nice work! Mario

    Jul 2 2008, 21h05
  • mtapoja

    Hi Frostisdequelos ZZ Top really rocks! :) Thanks, I think lyrics are nice to have sometimes. I plan make the lyrics grabber as a library and add more lyrics sites than one. API plans are already rolling on my head :) The lyrics display needs a lot of adjusting too, but I'll concentrate on fetching them at the moment. Seems to work also on Nokia Tablets, just tried.

    Jul 3 2008, 7h00
  • jarryson

    nice work, maybe try to make the change into some patch files will be better i guess : )

    Jul 23 2008, 17h14
  • mtapoja

    A patch will absolutely be one thing to do in any case, but I thought that lyrics library might be usable in other projects too. Please see

    Jul 23 2008, 19h44
  • uvok

    I am a Gentoo-user and so everything is compiled out of search. Do you have a patch-file? (and does this patch work for Vagalume 0.7)

    Out 22 2008, 13h28
  • mtapoja

    Hi uvok No patch file, unfortunately, but here's the whole source package. This was modified around the same time 0.7 was released, but I did a checkout from trunk and modified it, so it's not quite "0.7" in that sense. Grab this file and compile it, this is what I use in every Ubuntu machine I currently use. [b]Word of warning:[/b] If you use this package, you are no longer dealing with Vagalume 0.7, but something very unmature code, which is just meant to use as a proof-of-concept. I know for a fact, that this code does not find lyrics to even nearly all songs, and even if it does, it will sometimes leave part of it away. So you have been warned. On the other hand, it's probably the only client in the world that has this feature ;) And works for me quite well, concidering...!

    Out 22 2008, 18h37
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