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well shit where to begin. my name is chaz and yes that is an alias my gov is Charles but who calls me that anymore. (seriously)First and foremost... Lemme say that I believe that 9 outta 10 people are on bullshit and games... I don't trust the majority of women that come my way... and I'm starting to believe that I'm tha last faithful person on this Earth... at times I feel dumb trying, nah mean??? That bein said... tha following fully describes me... man of a different breed... I enjoy tha simple things in life. I love taking long walks and talkin about what ever comes to mind. pleazer so I luv pleasing tha one I..m wit whether it be physically or mentally, nahmean??? I..m some what of a homebody so I enjoy jus spending time. Settlin down watching a movie wit that special one. I love to cater to a woman... buying roses jus cause it..s Tuesday... "How many times have I told you how much I admire you?" "Let me cook for you." "jus relax, and as dinner is bein made let me massage you... relieve you of your stresses." Ladies... had it all. The younger, tha older, tha way older, tha cute, and tha ugly... very unshallow person who easily sees past a persons outward appearance. So, if you don..t always feel like tha most beautiful woman... don..t be discouraged. Some of us men know how to make even tha most unattractive feel like queens... because contrary to popular belief a good personality can and will make a woman beautiful. freak to tha fullest always finding a new way to please her... and trust... a nigga is blessed in tha bed... so it helps to have a lady who when tha time cums... can hang wit a nigga... u don..t have to have a high sex drive like me... but at least have a sex drive, ya figgadeal me??? And I..ll handle tha rest. If ya feeling what I..m speakin on... don..t hold ya tongue... drop a line and get atcha boy, ya heard??? I won..t bite... unless you want me to...LOL... Quotes by me: "One of my favorite pastimes is pleasing the one I..m wit." "Pleasing is a must." "9 out of 10 females will do you wrong. The other 1 out of 10 are almost impossible to come across." "Everything said about men can be said about women and visa versa." "Almost all good women are mistreated. We(men) gotta put a stop to that." " keep subjecting em to a deeper situation while treating em like queens... I was brought up that way." "Give a woman truth, and she..ll give you all of her."........IM LEARNING THAT LIFE ISNT ABOUT WHO GOT THE MOST MONEY AND IT ISNT ABOUT WHO CAN FUCK THE MOST WOMEN. LIFE IS ONLY WHAT YOU MAKE OF IT, SO THATS WHY I STOP TRYNA BE THE MAN AND START TAKING STEPS TO BECOMING A REAL MAN. AND THATS WHY IM GIVING UP THE STREET LIFE AND EVERYTHING THAT COMES WITH BEING IN THEM. SOMETIMES YOU JUST GOTTA DO WHAT YOU GOTTA DO IN ORDER TO GET WHERE YOU WANNA BE AND I HAVE TO ACCEPT THE FACT THAT THE HARDEST THINGS FOR YOU TO DO CAN ALSO BE THE BEST THING YOU COULD HAVE DONE. NO MORE TALKING ABOUT IT AND JUST BEING ABOUT IT. BUT ONE THING THAT DID COME FROM ALL THIS IS THAT I FOUND OUT WHO MY REAL FRIENDS ARE. YOUR REAL TRUE FRIENDS WONT LOOK AT YOU NO DIFFERENTLY FOR CHANGING FOR THE BETTER AND WELL FOR THE ONES WHO CLAIM TO BE YOUR FRIENDS BUT REALLY ARE NOT, THEY WILL TRY TO KNOCK YOU FOR STEPPING UP AND BEING A MAN AND NOT BEING SCARED TO ME DIFFERENT, WHILE THEY ARE WORRIED ABOUT HOW PEOPLE WOULD THINK AND TREAT THEM IF THEY WAS TO GIVE UP THE STREETZ. THINK ABOUT IT. -P.S.- WHEN YOU FEEL LIKE YOU FOUND YOUR SOMEBODY HOLD ON TO THEM BECAUSE YOU NEVER KNOW IF YOU WILL EVER FIND SOMEONE WHO CAN TAKE THE PLACE OF THAT PERSON...........DONT LET YOUR FUTURE WALK AWAY FROM YOU!!!

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