Tagging 101 (the non last.fm edition)


Jun 16 2011, 22h18

This is a test... you have 5 minutes to complete it.

I want you to take 8 variables and place them into 8 Fields, no duplicates, no omissions. Relax... it's easy but be careful because Ive mixed them up real good.

1) 09
2) Satellite Control Bunker
3) Nintendo 64
4) GoldenEye 007
5) 1997
6) Game
7) Grant Kirkhope, Graeme Norgate, Robin Beanland
8) Rare

A) Track
B) Title
C) Artist
D) Album
E) Year
F) Genre
G) Composer
H) Publisher/Developer

These 8 fields are recognized by almost all portable digital players and media libraries, essential for any sort of intuitive and/or sensible searching and categorizing.

nb4u: "Comment" field is not recognized as standard... check your iPod if you don't believe me. Disc # and BPM are n/a.

DisneyNintendoNintendo 64


  • mrmocha

    People who can't sort by console aren't welcome here.

    Nov 14 2011, 15h32
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