Comprehensive Guide to Christian Death Metal - Overview


Mai 12 2012, 4h19

Comprehensive Guide to Christian Death Metal - Overview

An overview of the project. All subgenre tags do not have the tag death metal in order to avoid repetition (i.e. technical instead of technical death metal).

Table of Contents

Top 15 Christian Death Metal Albums
Unsung Classics
Logo Awards
Album Art Awards
Closing Remarks
About the Author



A list of bands by genre in percentages. Based on the initial list; will change with time as more bands are added.

Traditional - 30.9%
Blackened - 7.4%
Technical - 4.4%
Progressive - 5.1%
Melodic - 11.0%
Death/doom - 3.7%
Deathcore - 26.5%
Grindcore - 8.8%
Slam/brutal - 2.2%

Total count - 136 bands (100%)


Top 15 Christian Death Metal Albums

The albums in this section are of course in many ways my own opinion, but they have long been fan favorites and have influenced Christian death metal. A few of the albums are tentative choices because they are more recent releases, but I am confident that they will impact the genre in many of the same ways as their counterparts. If you don't have time to go through the list band by band, I highly recommend that you at least check out each of these albums.

Mortification - Scrolls Of The Megilloth - traditional
Extol - Undeceived - blackened
Becoming the Archetype - Dichotomy - progressive/melodic
Crimson Thorn - Dissection - traditional
Paramaecium - Within the Ancient Forest - death/doom
Antestor - Martyrium - blackened/doom
Metanoia - Time to Die - traditional/thrash
Embodyment - Embrace the Eternal - traditional/grind
Impending Doom - Nailed.Dead.Risen - deathcore/brutal
Lament - Tears of a Leper - traditional/melodic
Pantokrator - Aurum - traditional
A Hill to Die Upon - Omens - blackened
In the Midst of Lions - The Heart of Man - deathcore
Crimson Moonlight - Veil of Remembrance - blackened
Mortal Treason - A Call To The Martyrs - deathcore


Unsung Classics

These albums are highly recommended but for some reason have gone under the radar or haven't received the attention that they deserve. A few have been lost in history, some have suffered from a low number of distributed albums, and a few are more modern albums that have great potential. Obviously, once again these are my choices.

Krig - Narcissistic Mechanism - traditional
Discarnated - Deus Misereatur - traditional
Discern - To Praise With Persecution - traditional/progressive
Morbid Sacrifice – Severed Death - traditional
Feast Eternal - With Fire - traditional
Pale Horse - Until the Last Seal Is Opened . . . - traditional/thrash
Tortured Conscience - Every Knee Shall Bow - traditional
Sympathy - Arcane Path - technical
Demoniciduth - The Valley of Decision - traditional
Spirit’s Breeze - None Should Perish - technical/brutal
I Built the Cross - Bridging the Gap Between Heart and Mind - technical/deathcore
Deus Invictus - Staged In Awaiting - progressive/thrash
Hilastherion - Taken From Darkness - melodic
Schaliach - Sonrise - melodic/doom
As Hell Retreats - Volition - deathcore
Eternal Mystery - Flesh Separation - grindcore/traditional


Logo Awards


Most squiggles

Most elegant

Best incorporation of figure

Most likely typed in Microsoft Word

Looks most like an onion

Most likely to eat you

Least readable


Looks most like a maze

Most recognizable


Album Art Awards

Most alien

Most elegant

Best picture

Most epic

Most awkward

Best overall

Best beast

Most Beautiful

Best traditional death metal feel

Most random

Most historical

Most likely drawn in Paint

Most colorful

Best use of skull

Best grin



The following sources were instrumental as I undertook this project. I also want to thank every person who has contributed in any way. Click on the links below to visit the various websites.


Closing Remarks

Creating this source for Christian metalheads who love death metal has been a pleasure. There were times when I was completely bored with typing endless code (anyone who has written a lengthy journal on will know what I mean), but the end result kept me going. That, and your support! I received enthusiastic support from anyone that I asked for help with in regards to the project. Many of you pointed out bands that I didn't have on my list yet. Thank you so much! Overall, it was a very rewarding experience for myself. I discovered many very good new bands. The only problem now is that I don't have enough money to buy all their albums... But I guarantee that if you have taken the time to go through this list (or any part of this list) that you will doubtless have found a few new bands to spin.

There are a few things that I want to ask of you before I say goodbye. First, if you find any link rot or any type of error please let me know. I tested all of the links, but sometimes it was late at night. It's quite possible that I entered a desultory state of mind and began linking bands to Beiber and Gaga. Well...that's unlikely, but still be on the lookout. Thanks. Also, if you have bands that you want me to add to this list, hit me up! Just try to have some links available for me to make my job easier. Also, there were a few bands that I couldn't find pictures for, and a few that the only one available was in very small pixels. I did the best I could with editing, but if you have a better picture please notify me. If you represent a band on this list and want me to take it off for any reason, I am more than willing. If you find substantial evidence that a band should not be on this list, please forward it to me and we'll have a nice chat. I am only human; I make mistakes as much as the next person.

Trolls, you are not welcome. I've seen pretty much everything, and I won't hesitate to delete anything.

As I mentioned in the introduction, I have disabled comments on every part except for the first and last. Don't get me wrong, I want your comments and I love reading them. But for the sake of my own sanity (tracking comments), I limited it to these two pages. You can comment on either or both. Perhaps on the first one you can give your first impression; on the last one (this one) you can give your thoughts after looking through the list. Or just leave a shout for the heck of it. Finally, thank you again! I pray that this list will be a great resource for everyone.

God Bless,


About the Author

Matthew is a strong advocate of Christian metal and rock. He is currently a student at the University of Florida, majoring in English and double-minoring in Teaching and African Studies. He plans to write science-fiction for a living, and might teach high school upon graduation from college. Matthew is the proud founder of Christian Headbangers Forum, a collective of Christian metal fans from around the world. He is the author of numerous other journals, including Comprehensive List of Christian Metal and Rock Bands and The Top 100 Christian Metal Albums of All Time. He has his own metal blog, called Matthew's Metal, which features band updates and semi-formal reviews. Matthew is an erstwhile fan of video games (Starcraft, Halo, Crysis, Borderlands). During the summer, he works as a cook at a local camp. He loves to cook and he also loves to eat. He is a very friendly person and wouldn't mind chatting with you.



  • Dennisisgod

    well done mate! realy interessting!!

    Mai 13 2012, 21h17
  • LordsOfTheStorm

    Interesting. I looked into Monotheist after seeing them mentioned, and found them enjoyable and somewhat interesting. (Agalloch fans should take note of this band.) One thing that I will ask, though, is: Wouldn't "Least readable" sound much better than "Most unreadable"?

    Mai 13 2012, 21h27
  • iPowder

    Quite the piece of work! I Like the art/music from the Best beast and Best picture!! The passion for music and NOT taking it for granted is something to be noted here!! Thank you for taking the time to piece this all together!! \m/

    Mai 14 2012, 1h42
  • mrmichel0927

    Thanks everyone! @LordsOfTheStorm You're right, of course, and I changed it. That way you remove a negative. Thanks =D

    Mai 14 2012, 2h35
  • ThirtheenAshes

    Thanks man! Nice statistics. Great to have an overview of brutal spirit-filled metal.

    Mai 14 2012, 16h55
  • mrmichel0927

    Many thanks to Dyslexicpanda for some new editions. The following bands have been added to the archives: W. (grindcore), The Exhumation (brutal death/slam), Rogers Met an Iranian (grindcore), Frank's Enemy (grindcore), Demonic Dismemberment (grindcore), Engravor (grindcore), Nothing's Sacred (grindcore), The Damascus Intervention (deathcore), and Blood Drift (technical death metal). Thanks!

    Mai 24 2012, 18h22
  • livingsacrifice

    Just reading this today, man what a good list man. I completely agree with most of these. Discern and Schaliach should definitely be in the top albums even though I agree they would be unsung classics.

    Ago 25 2012, 21h50
  • metaal13

    Awesome, thanks a lot!

    Jun 8 2013, 1h21
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