Invisible Fish 2nd. EP [Loss/Sleepless] released!


Dez 20 2008, 7h38

mrkwang store stocked this CD for sale.
Check this out..

Invisible Fish aka 투명물고기 aka The Invisible Fish is solo project of 'Jung Sang Hoon', who did Bluedawn aka 푸른새벽. Noise & Folk music, very good one.

However this is short announcement for that, with track list in Korean name.

Track List

01. Loss
02. 저물다
03. 레밍
04. 매원
05. 허수
06. 불꽃축제

07. Sleepless
08. 진
09. Breathless
10. 품다
11. 망상
12. 습


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