Yozoh & Taru new song is released for... Tetris OST???


Nov 3 2008, 16h33

Well. If you know yozoh aka 요조, you might think I'm joking. It's true. 100% True.

Recently Hangame re-started service of [Tetris], and do very big commercial & promotions. Among those promotions, they released Tetris OST 2008. It's not released as physical CD, just downloadable MP3 for free until now.

Anyway that album has some Indieful ROK style musicians, as 타루 aka Taru & even 요조 aka yozoh.

You could check out that here. Hangame Tetris Multimedia Page

2nd. track 별이 떨어지면 by 타루 aka Taru
8th. track Change the Game by 타루 aka Taru
12th. track Last Kiss by 요조 aka yozoh

I'm not fan of yozoh, not sure exactly it's exclusive for this OST or not. However Last Kiss was not available from any other album, as I think?

Note : All of those track have 'Hangame' for artist tag. So you'd edit artist tag by yourself, after download.


  • helikoppter

    Great news mrkwang! And it seems like those Taru songs are both new too!

    Nov 3 2008, 17h25
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